Global Warmers Riot Against the New York Times!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2019

Global warming cult members are turning on the Jewish founders of their cult for not believing in their own fake ideology!

It’s glorious!

Fox News:

Climate change protesters have been arrested after they blocked traffic outside the New York Times building in Midtown Manhattan.

The protesters from the group Extinction Rebellion hung banners on the skyscraper in midtown Manhattan on Saturday and on the outside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal across the street.

A journalist saw more than two dozen protesters arrested after they lay down on Eighth Avenue and blocked traffic. A police spokesman said he had no information on the number of arrests.

A spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion, Eve Mosher, says the group wants the media to report on “the climate emergency” so that “people can start pushing for more radical responses.”


Seriously, we are like ten minutes away from the emergence of global warming terrorist cells blowing up power plants and such.

They have hyped these people up into an absolute frenzy, and I don’t know if they wanted them to start doing terrorism, but either way it’s going to be hilarious.

Imagine the ADL releasing one of these fake reports about “white supremacist violence” and the response being “okay even if that were real, global warming terrorists killed 50 times that many people last year!”

Leftists will invariably start bombing motherfuckers as soon as their frenzy reaches a peak. They did it in the 1920s, they did it in the 1960s, and we’re long overdue for another wave.

And hey – maybe they’ll succeed in their rebellion and we’ll all go back to being AMISH.

A  M  I  S  H

I am 100% on-board with Amish nationalism.

I’ll be rolling deep with my horse carriage and my six blonde kids.