Global Shock After Black Convicted of Execution Style Murder of 9-Year-Old

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2019

If dat yung nigga gonna ride like he da hard nigga, he gon get treat like da nigga he be.

That nigga want that juice box, he gon have ta pay up fo his life.

NBC News:

One of two gang members accused in the 2015 execution-style revenge killing of a nine-year-old boy was found guilty of first-degree murder by a jury Thursday night.

Dwright Boone-Doty, 25, and Corey Morgan, 31, were on trial together before two different juries for the murder of Tyshawn Lee. The jury for Boone-Doty, who was the gunman, deliberated for just under three hours before convicting him Thursday.

The jury for Morgan has not yet reached a verdict and will return to deliberations Friday morning after being sequestered overnight following six hours of deliberation.

One of the more damming pieces of evidence presented at trial was a taped recording where Boone-Doty allegedly confessed to the boy’s killing in a boastful manner to a fellow inmate who was working with police as an informant at Cook County jail.

“You ain’t never stepped back and thought, damn, I shouldn’t have did that?” asked the informant on the recording.

“No, I don’t got that in my head, not even a little bit,” Boone-Doty replied. “Ain’t no age. Period. Age 8 to 80,” he said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “Eight days, eight seconds in this world, or 80 years, this is what I’m telling you.”

Boone-Doty went on to describe the scene including the gun shots in more detail. “I’m looking at him. We walking. Bop. Hit the ground. Bop-bop-bop-bop-bop. I’m laughing. I’m looking … Bop bop bop bop bop man.”

The informant told authorities that Boone-Doty even wrote a rap song about killing the boy who he referred to as “Shorty.”


Yeah, that’s black people for you.

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear about this happening in Africa, and you shouldn’t be surprised to hear about it happening in Chicago.

It’s literally the exact same thing.

The only difference is that we’re trying to hold these vicious tribespeople to Western European standards, which is absurd and probably actually cruel.