Global Outrage After White Man Asks Whining Mexican Why He Left Mexico

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

This is the best thing ever.


There were tense moments inside a meeting meant to promote diversity at Saline schools on Monday.

The meeting was held in response to racist comments that surfaced on the messaging app Snapchat last month.

The district launched an investigation and found the posts were made by Saline High School students and directed at three black students.

A man who identified himself as Tom Burtell said he has six children in the Saline school district. He made comments that provoked the ire of parents and interrupted a father, who was talking about his child’s experience with racist students.

“Try being white in a black neighborhood and see what happens,” Burtell said.

“He was crying because of the abuse that he was enduring in this school system,” the father said.

“So why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” Burtell said.

Adrian and Lori Iraola own Chela’s with locations in Ann Arbor and Dexter. They said that for years their children have been targeted because of their Mexican heritage. They went to the district’s diversity, equity and inclusion meeting to support other parents fighting for change. They didn’t expect to have racist insults hurled at them.

I’m glad that people are supporting us. I thank the gentleman for being vocal and expressing his opinion because it will make people realize that this is not a figment of imagination, it’s amongst us,” Adrian Iraola said.

Yes: one man who asks why you came to OUR COUNTRY to do nothing but whine about how badly you are treated by THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE is absolute proof of a racist conspiracy against you.

The absolute entitlement of these people, this idea that they can just walk into our country and not only live off of us but also start making demands that we change our behavior to better suit them, is simply astonishing when you see it head-on like this.

But what is even more repulsive than the whiny Mexican is that room full of white women defending him and attacking the WHITE MAN who stood up to his bullying. White women are the absolute lowest form of filth on earth, as they are willingly and aggressively throwing their fathers, their husbands and their sons under the bus in order to give aid and comfort to an invading group of foreigners that has marched into our country to take it away from us.

It is the highest form of treachery imaginable.

You’ll notice that there was not a single white male in that entire room that was going to attack or try to silence this man for standing up to the Mexican bully. And there wouldn’t be.

All white men understand that what that man said was absolutely factual, and they all understand the dynamics of the situation: that this Mexican is a bully, manipulating and abusing the system for the gain of himself and his ethnic comrades.

But white men don’t speak out because they are cowed by white women, who are an organized lobby for race replacement in America. You can see it in the video: the white men do not join the chanting, but they do not come to their brother’s defense, either. Instead, they put their heads down. Because none of them dare stand up to these horrid, evil harpies.

We can talk all we want about the Jews, but most men do not live with a Jew who hovers around them 24/7 and makes threats and demands of them. However, virtually every white man lives with a white woman who does this.

What we are facing is an organized conspiracy by white women to racially cleanse America of white men, apparently because they prefer brown men. The why doesn’t actually matter and I don’t care why they’re doing it. What matters is that they’re doing it, and they have no right. No woman built this country. No woman has ever done anything of value in the history of civilization without the help of a man. They have no right to give this country away. It is our home.

This is truly the most important pattern to recognize because it is the easiest to recognize and it is one that every white man in the entire Western world can relate to. Everywhere you go, these women are there, and at every turn, they are working to destroy our society.

Again: I spend a lot of time talking about Jews. And we of course should always talk about Jews, as they are the ones pulling the strings on all of this. But the biggest and most immediate issue is the behavior of these women. Or rather: the biggest and most pressing issue is the willingness of white men to be cowed by these women.

Some of us will live our entire lives without meeting a Jew. But each of us has opportunities, every day, to refuse to bow to the vile monsters that are modern white women.

Resistance starts with simply looking them in the eye, grinning and walking away.