Global Brands Create “Social Distancing” Versions of Their Logos

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Countries are beginning to extend the lockdown, and the official narrative right now appears to be that the lockdown is going to last an undetermined amount of time, and that even if the lockdown ends, social distancing will remain.

Now global brands have started a brainwashing campaign to make people less uncomfortable with the new level of anomie.

Daily Mail:

McDonald’s, Audi, and Volkswagen are the among the brands to have created ‘social distancing’ versions of their iconic logos.

The term has become popularised because of the rampant spread of coronavirus around the world.

People are being advised by national governments to stand around 6 feet apart from each other to minimise the risk of catching the potentially deadly virus.

Last week, McDonald’s in Brazil pulled apart their iconic golden arches logo in a picture which was posted on their Facebook page.

“Stand six feet apart from other people because of coronavirus” is pretty much the same as “all places where social gatherings take place, other than work, are going to be shutdown because of coronavirus.”

This is heading towards complete human alienation. People will be only allowed to exit their homes to go to work, and as many people as possible will be encouraged to work from home so they don’t ever have to leave.

At least people are allowed to go to the grocery stores for now, but that is likely to change soon. You know these people running the government are themselves in a state of hysteria and looking to close the so-called “grocery store loophole.”

Car brand Audi released a video showing its logo with the four rings separated as they called on customers to keep their distance.

Similarly, Volkswagen, whose parent company owns Audi, promoted a similar video where they separated the V and W in their logo.

And Coca-Cola is currently running an advert in the now-deserted Times Square in New York showing space between each of the letters of its logo.

This is brainwashing.

There is just no way to realistically avoid catching this kind of virus just by staying a few feet away from infected people. A cough, a sneeze, or a vigorous exhalation is all it takes to send Corona flying your way.

The only solution is to accept that exposure is going to happen and LIVE OUR LIVES.

After all, it is literally just the flu.