Global Anal Police: US Recalls Ambassador from Zambia After Men Punished for Sodomy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2019

Edgar Lungu, president of Zambia. I wish he was our president. 

The US has become the global anal police, trying to force men across the world to ram their penises into each other’s anuses.

This is something that Christians could and should be complaining to Donald Trump about. But the Christianity Today fatty who said Trump was evil was instead talking about democracy human rights.


The United States has withdrawn its ambassador to Zambia following a row with authorities in the southern African nation after he criticised the jailing of a gay couple, embassy sources said on Monday.

A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department said Washington is “dismayed” by the Zambian government’s statement that Ambassador Daniel Foote’s position “is no longer tenable.”

“Despite this action, the United States remains committed to our partnership with the Zambian people,” the spokesperson said. “We seek an open and frank relationship of mutual respect, commensurate with the generous aid provided to the Zambian people by the United States.”

Zambia’s high court last month jailed the male gay couple for 15 years for engaging in sexual relations “against the order of nature”, a decision the U.S. ambassador said was horrifying.

What is horrifying, Mr. Foote, is a man ramming his penis into another man’s anus.

The idea that a US official would suggest that stopping people from doing that is what is “horrifying” is truly proof that we are living in a Bizarro World nightmare realm.

President Edgar Lungu said on Dec. 15 that Zambia, a major beneficiary of U.S. aid, had sent a protest letter to Washington over the remarks by Foote and was awaiting a response.

A U.S. embassy source who is not allowed to issue statements told Reuters that Washington had decided to recall its ambassador because it was difficult for him to work in Zambia.

“Since Lungu says he does not want to work with Foote, there was no point of him remaining. Also don’t forget that there are security issues so Washington want their man back,” the source said.

“The U.S. cannot be paying a salary to someone who cannot work because the hosts don’t want him,” a second U.S. embassy source said.

“The United States firmly opposes abuses against LGBTI persons. Governments have an obligation to ensure that all people can freely enjoy the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms to which they are entitled,” the State Department spokesperson said.

This entire concept of forcing morality on other people is in itself evil. But when it comes to enforcing anti-morality that is obviously evil – that people throughout history, since the beginning of time, have recognized as evil – we enter into full clown world.

The good news is that as far as I can tell from reports, the US is not sanctioning Zambia. They are simply withdrawing the ambassador after the Zambian president said they refused to work with him. But there will no doubt be a push within the government to punish Zambia for refusing to bend over and take it in the ass.

Just so you understand, the president of Zambia – who is a Christian – is not being unreasonable about this. He has simply said that they will not legalize man-on-man anal at the behest of the US government.

He also said that there was room for discussing shortening the sentence of the men.

I think even that is being too reasonable. If the US had tried to force me to have anal sex against my will, I would double the sentence of these faggots, or just have them publicly executed.

But he is trying to work with the US, and the US is just going nuts, saying everyone has to do man-on-man.

I don’t know how we ended up in a situation where the most primitive people on earth are now more civilized than we are, but end up in that situation we did. Here we are, in that situation.

Primarily, I blame the Jews.

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