Glenn Greenwald on the Mystery of Who Runs the US Government

I’ve had a long week and I’m tired and I want to have a cookout. But here I am. So what you’re going to get now is called “filler.”

But this is not unimportant filler. This is top shelf, lean energy filler.

Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson on Thursday night and agreed with Tucker’s analysis of the current governmental situation, which is actually also my analysis: no one knows who is running the current US government, but it’s very obvious that the intelligence and “security” agencies are acting without input from the executive head of the federal government.

Tucker played a clip where John Kerry said that Joe Biden was not even aware of the situation with the nuclear subs and Australia and France. He had not known for some number of days after France recalled their ambassador.

It’s not especially surprising that Joe Biden doesn’t know what is going on, but it is a little bit surprising that “look, this guy has no idea what is even going on” is now being used by diplomats as an explanation as to why the US government is engaged in offensive geopolitical behavior.

Joe Biden not knowing what is going on implies that no one at the White House knew what was going on. That would include his advisors and Kamala Harris.

You can easily picture an aide asking Harris if she’s seen the news in France, and Harris replying: “f–k France. What is going on with my Google results? Have you removed that story about how I’m really concerned about my Google results yet? I’ve been too stressed out to even Google myself for the last three days!”

The level of decadence of these people cannot be overstated, and decadence never lines up with competence.

Also, just wanted to let you know: Tucker is indeed Ted-pilled.

Took him long enough, but he’s finally starting to really get it.