Glenn Greenwald Goes on Fox News to Talk About Censorship Agenda

Glenn Greenwald appeared on Fox News over the weekend to discuss the censorship agenda.

He says: “how did Twitter and Facebook become competent to decide for us what is true and false and dangerous?”

That is the key question.

He doesn’t name the ADL, but he does state the fact that Silicon Valley never said they wanted to be involved in censorship, and that it was the result of lobbying by special interest groups and the government. I am old enough to remember Abe Foxman, the former head of the ADL, raging against Mark Zuckerberg (who is himself Jewish) about how Holocaust denial needed to be banned from Facebook.

Now, big tech has formed this alliance for global domination with the Democrat Party and the various global institutions.

This interview comes after Glenn wrote the article of the year on the topic, which I reviewed:

I also wrote a very funny satire article in response to Glenn’s article:

Glenn Greenwald is the single well-known living journalist who is out there actively campaigning against mass censorship. He answers very clearly in the Fox News interview that he does not think any form of speech should be censored, ever, at all, period.

It is truly amazing that the media spent the entire Donald Trump era talking about how “freedom of the press was under threat” without ever explaining what that meant, and now they are openly and aggressively calling for Fox News to be taken off the air.

They’ve also moved to start banning certain leftists who don’t go along with the party line, and that process will unfold over the next year or so. Jimmy Dore on YouTube is one leftist that agrees with Greenwald about the censorship, and they’re now beginning to attack him, and try to get him banned.

The Daily Beast just published a big article about Dore and others, coming up with the hilariously uncreative claim that they are all linked to the “far right” and thus need to be banned. I plan to write up a piece about that “Beast” article, and have been doing some background research on the people they’re calling to be deplatformed.

I said from the beginning: censorship never ends, and it will eventually gobble up everyone who disagrees with the establishment on any single issue. You’re now seeing that.