Glenn Greenwald Calls Out Aggressively Forced Turk Scum Hasan Piker for Attacking Assange

Pseudo-communist turkroach and internet streamer Hasan Piker is unquestionably the biggest forced meme in all of internet history. He is not likable, he offers nothing, and the people who watch him are basically in a Clockwork Orange type situation.

I don’t go on YouTube very often anymore, if at all, as I’m all in on BitChute and Odysee. But the other day I was just watching some basic Fox News stuff on YouTube for some reason, and after about 3 Fox segments, YouTube started pushing “BreadTube” on me.

This is what they are doing. They are forcing everyone to watch Hasan Piker and Vaush. Twitter is doing the exact same thing, shoving these tweets in everyone’s face. These people are beneficiaries of a North Korea style promotional campaign.

Glenn Greenwald, who is an actual socialist and supporter of the old values of the left – in particular, freedom of speech and government transparency – is obviously frustrated by the fact that he is buried by the new fake algorithms while Piker and Vaush are pushed on impressionable retards.

The other day in Piker’s chat, someone asked him why he’s not covering Assange, and he insulted “Assange stans” and called them fascists, telling them to go hang out with the fascist Jimmy Dore. (Traditional leftists are all now fascists for questioning the government, according to Piker and Vaush, who define “socialism” as slavish and sycophantic devotion to Joe Biden and the CIA.)

Glenn pointed out Piker’s comments.

He noted afterward that Piker confirmed that he doesn’t believe Assange should be put in jail forever, even though he hates him for doing journalism that harmed the Democrat Party. (He kind of had to say that, I think, like when he had to say he didn’t support the 911 attacks after saying he supported the 911 attacks.)

After Glenn called him out, Piker posted a video response and then he (or someone else) deleted it from YouTube.

Greenwald and other “old left” figures have been very good in their defense of Assange, and I agree 100% with everything they’re saying.

Conversely, Hasan Piker is not only stupid, but fat.

As part of his initial “coming out” as a forced meme designed to replace everyone who was banned from the internet, he did a major steroid cycle.

During that period, he would wear tank tops on stream.

Now, he’s quit the roids – because no one can keep up that kind of regiment for very long – and his balls have not returned to producing natural testosterone (probably never did, actually), and he is fat. His posture is horrible. He only appears in very baggy t-shirts to hide the estrogen bloating that has resulted from destroying his body with roids.

The roid jawline has also totally dissolved.

He’s trying to cover that with a beard.

Hasan is a product, like the Backstreet Boys or Drake. He’s produced by a team of image managers. He’s the diametric opposite of PewDiePie (and even someone like the Amazing Atheist). The initial roid body, with all of these glamour pics that were released, was intended to make it look like being a male leftist doesn’t necessarily entail being an effeminate faggot. It was a kind of neat trick. But of course, he’s now back to being an effeminate faggot, and he just wears baggy shirts to pretend like there is something other than estrogenic flab under there.

Note that no normal person who isn’t fat wears baggy shirts in current year. This is also something that was planned by the managers – “just wear baggy shirts and make it like you’re doing some retro 1990s bit, and we’ll keep making sure the roid pics from three years ago show up at the top of your image results.”

If Piker wants to do some kind of fitness contest with me, including fighting, I’m down for whatever. I’d prefer MMA obviously, but I’ll box. Whatever. It should be a good opportunity for him to “beat fascism.” Heck, I’ll do a decathlon. I’ve never played any of those sports, but I know for a fact that without training I could show up and beat this pudding pie.

If he wins, I’ll sign a statement declaring that Joe Biden is the greatest leader in the history of humanity. If I win, all he has to do is leave my country and return to his shithole and never come back.