Glenn Beck Proves He is a Cuck by Banning Donald Trump Discussion on His Show

Daily Slave
July 25, 2015

Glenn Beck like the entire Republican party is a big Jew hoax.

I never understood the appeal of this whiny faggot Glenn Beck. He always struck me as a total phony and someone who you’d just like to punch in the face.

Now a couple of his sexually impaired sit in hosts announced that they have banned any further discussion of Donald Trump on the show. This proves that Beck’s entire broadcast has been a hoax from the very start. As an alleged conservative broadcaster who is supposed to represent the interests of most White Americans, how can you ban the discussion of a presidential candidate who is boldly talking about the illegal immigration problem? Regardless of what you think of Trump, this is an incredibly stupid move.

I’ve known Beck to be a fraud for years but this should be the final nail in this guy’s coffin. Beck is a total hoax and a traitor to America.


The Glenn Beck Program has announced that they will no longer host any discussion of Donald Trump, period.

The online radio show, which is being guest hosted by Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere during Beck’s medical leave, opened with the announcer reading, “It’s The Glenn Beck Program with Pat and Stu, now 100% Trump free, with 100% Less Trump.”

“…As you just heard 100% Trump free, now 100% less Donald Trump talk,” Gray said to open the show.

“I’m sick of it, so we’re moving on,” said Burguiere. “I just can’t do another show on it.”