Glenn Beck has Emotional Breakdown on CNN

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

Probably, most people these days are emotionally unstable.

But most people also have the ability to hide it in public most of the time. Especially public figures.

Not Glenn Beck though. He is in a constant state of emotional instability, and makes a huge public show of it.

He recently appeared on CNN with Brian Stelter and was whining about children detained at the border. He made a big thing of how the media didn’t cover it when Obama was doing it but it obsessed with it now, which was a goodish point. Stelter didn’t have any response to that other than to say that the numbers are higher now so the media cares more, which isn’t actually true.

What is true is that the conditions are better now.

Obama wrapped these burrito babies in aluminum foil.

Not that I care that Obama did that, mind you. But it’s just a fact. He was detaining children under much worse conditions, and the media didn’t care.

Glenn, as he mentions, did care.

He took them soccer balls back in 2014.

I guess it’s interesting that Glenn Beck is some kind of true liberal, and really just does want the country flooded with Mexican children and will fight anyone standing in his way.

I dunno if that is what he is though, I think he might just be what he looks like – completely unhinged.

He ended up walking out of the CNN interview when Stelter asked about a Daily Beast article claiming that his company, The Blaze, is collapsing and he’s trying to sell it.

It’s unclear why he got so mad, other than that he just wanted to talk about border babies and lecture the media about how he’s been trying to call them to help them unify the nation against Donald Trump…

Anyway, yeah.

Weird interview.

I dunno.