Giving Heroin to Toddlers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2020

A lot of people feel bad that women are utter whores. I personally feel bad about this, to some extent. You hate to see it. You really do.

The situation is basically this: by allowing women to make free choice in sex, we are effectively doing the same thing as giving toddlers free access to heroin.

The analogy is more or less bulletproof.

If you allowed toddlers access to free heroin – let’s say in edible form, in the form of candies – they would try it just because it was there. Then, they would obviously enjoy it, because everyone naturally enjoys heroin, because it dumps dopamine, the feel good chemical, into the brain. Because the heroin was freely available, and because the mind of a child cannot comprehend negative consequences to behavior that feels good, they would continue to do it, developing addiction until it destroyed them.

Even as the toddlers were dying of the heroin they were addicted to, they would cry and blame other people for their problems, and claim that the heroin had nothing to do with it. If there was ever a toddler that wasn’t eating the free heroin candies, other toddlers would give it to them, because they would want them to enjoy it and have fun with them. The entire toddler entertainment media, including Barney and the Teletubbies, is all about how fun heroin is.

Now, imagine that all of the adults around – the parents – were standing by and watching the toddlers all strung out on heroin. And imagine they are seeing this, and refuse to block the toddlers’ access to heroin, because it is the human rights of toddlers to eat heroin candies if they so choose. The government and the media are constantly telling adults that they have to allow toddlers to do heroin. Then, when some individual says “this heroin is obviously destroying the lives of these toddlers, we should block their access to it,” everyone starts screaming that this person is evil and hates toddlers.

This the exact situation we have currently with women.

People will claim that the women must not actually want to be sluts, because they would be happier as wives and mothers. But what they don’t understand is that being a slut is fun and a woman’s brain is too stupid to realize that these actions she takes because they feel good have negative consequences in her life.

Regardless of what angle you come at this, the only solution to the problem is to remove the ability of women to behave as they are behaving. There is no talking them out of it, anymore than you could talk a heroin addict toddler out of eating heroin candies.

We need to look at ways of restricting this behavior. And without the power of the state, the only solution is slut-shaming. Women must be ruthlessly attacked for being sluts. They must be systematically shamed, individually, for slut behavior. Women respond extremely well to social ostracization, and women who see other women being socially ostracized will reconsider their behaviors.

There will of course be suicides. You hate to see it. But these are just the necessary facts of reality.

You must understand this: men who defend slutty behavior in women are no different than people saying toddlers should have free choice of whether or not they eat heroin candies. These men are enablers. They do not care about fixing society, they do not care about helping women, they only care about serving women and doing the commands of women in order to get little pats on the head, as they hope that eventually a woman will take pity on them and reward them with sex.

These men must also be shamed and humiliated, and called out as faggots whose minds and souls are dominated by women. Because they are lower than the sluts themselves. They are the ones making it possible for the sluts to behave like they do, and unlike the sluts, they are not even getting any benefits from this behavior. They are not getting pleasure. They are simply engaging in a masochistic exercise, due to the weakness of their character.

Right now, the situation with women is unsustainable. We have to solve it. It is an immediate problem.