Girlfriend Horror Story: She Keeps Getting Fatter and Fatter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2020

One Reddit user asks the internet if he’s an asshole for telling his fat girlfriend that being fat makes her unattractive.

Little does he know that this is an all too common horror story.

From the Reddit post:

AITA for telling my girlfriend of two years, her weight is becoming an issue

Title says mostly all of it. I have been with my girlfriend for over two years now and things have been rocky here and there but for the most part we have been fine. As time has gone on I’ve noticed she doesn’t care what she puts in her body, chips for breakfast or poptarts for dinner, she just does not care. On top of this she hates physical activity, and everyone has their issues, but I think it was starting to boil over. None of this is due to stress or anything of that sort, it’s just the way she is. I’ve gotten into cooking a lot and have been trying to cook healthy meals for the two of us. She loves it, but it’s only 2 or 3 meals for the whole week, everything else is her own diet. I’ve tried taking her to the gym with me, but she mostly sits on her phone and complains that she’s there.

When we first started dating I used to ask for sex a lot, and she didn’t mind going with the offers, most of the time. The problem there is I’ve slowly lost sexual attraction for her, and I can’t help it.

She asks why I don’t try to have sex as often all the time, and I avoided the question by saying things like “I’m too stressed” or “I don’t feel it today” which makes her mad. So during one argument when I told her I wanted to finish my work maybe we could have sex another time, she called me on my bullshit. I’ve always felt as a man, I should never comment on a woman’s weight, even if she is this close, but I felt like lying does more damage. I told her the truth, I said that her weight is becoming an issue. She needs to watch what she puts into her body and actually start exercising. This went as bad as you could expect, she started grabbing a lot of her stuff that she keeps in my room (we don’t live together) and started throwing it away. She was mad I couldn’t just love her despite the weight, and honestly I was too.

For reference I am in relatively good shape. I run marathons, and swim a ton. I’m about 6 foot at 150 lbs she is 5 foot 2 around 170lbs.

She immediately left and I am sitting here not sure if I did the right thing. Am I the asshole?

The only reasons why women would want to engage in physical activity are:

  • To get male attention, both through the process (the act of wearing skimpy gym clothes) and through the results (the act of wearing skimpy clothes with a nicer body)
  • To avoid a beating

If they are already receiving male attention and they’re not getting beaten, there’s no real incentive for them to move their asses.

Beating women is the most effective way of getting them in shape, but it’s currently illegal.

So what can you do?

The answer is relentless and unapologetic fat-shaming.

It just works.

In the same way that you cannot control what you find sexually attractive, you cannot control what you find disgusting — and one of the things that you find disgusting is excess fat.

Women should know that.