Girl Quits Child Genius Contest After Scoring Just One Point While Her Twin Brother Gets Top Marks

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2019

Women just can’t handle the stress. They can’t control their emotions.

Daily Mail:

In the hunt for Britain’s brightest youngsters, one candidate tearfully quit the competition as she managed to score just one point – while her twin brother got perfect marks.

The first episode of the new series of Child Genius saw contestant Melissa, 11, from Birmingham, score just one point in the spelling round.

The little girl broke down in her mother’s arms and decided to quit the competition, which is designed for eight to 12-year-olds, during last night’s episode. 

Her twin brother Michael, meanwhile, took to the podium immediately before Melissa to gain a perfect score in the Channel 4 quiz show. 

The 19 contestants taking part in the show, which aims to find the brightest child genius in the country, have been whittled down from hundreds who applied.

Melissa’s twin brother, Michael.

Competitors took part in two challenges, beginning with a spelling test, including 11-year-old twins Michael and Melissa who were entered into the competition by their proud mum Kaja.

Kaja said: ‘Melissa is very very bright indeed. Michael is on a different plane.’

The twins went head to head for the first time in front of a packed audience, with Michael confidently saying: ‘I think I could win this, watch me’.

Michael was able to read by himself by the age of two and received a lifetime membership to Mensa for his incredible IQ of 151.

Melissa’s IQ remains untested, however the youngster has already gained a scholarship to a prestigious school. 

The little girl admitted:’I’m quite nervous about competing with him. If I go out before him I’d be really happy for him. But I really want to win.’

‘I want to do my best in the competition and bring out my potential and not just my brothers,’ she added.

See, this is why discussions about women’s IQ, women in science, women inventors and women not pregnant and not in the kitchen are just useless mental masturbation acts.

Women can be intelligent on paper, but they can’t really use that intelligence because they’re burdened by estrogen and controlled by their emotions.

This girl’s twin brother has a tested IQ of 151 so presumably she’s not very far from that, yet she couldn’t manage more than one point in the spelling round of the competition.

It’s not because she’s dumb, because she’s definitely not dumb. It’s because she’s a woman and woman are slaves to their emotions. They’re slaves to their bodies. They’re slaves to their desires. They can’t control what they have, which is why women’s suffrage and women not legally being the property of men are preposterous ideas.

They need a man to steer their ship because they are no captain and they have no captain of their own.

She’s screaming inside.

Smart women are useful only if they’re controlled by a man. When left to their own, smart women are less likely to reproduce and more likely to waste their lives fattening the pockets of some random Jew somewhere.

We can’t expect them to function properly after we’ve left them on their own to pretend they’re just as capable as us. It’s cruel for everyone.

We have to end this cruelty by caging all of them.