Ginger Female Comedian Does Mock ISIS-Style Beheading of Donald Trump [UPDATE: Bitch Been Fired!]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2017


She’s been fired! HA!

This is a symbolic turning point in the culture wars.

We should celebrate this.

It will be noted in history books.

Also, perhaps worth noting (not for the history books, but for this update) – Cernovich and Jones have offered a $1000 reward to anyone who flashes a sign that says “CNN is ISIS” on a live CNN broadcast. Not sure that’s as good as the “Bill Clinton is a rapist” challenge, but $1000 is $1000. They made the offer before CNN made their statement firing her, but I assume it stands.

Original article follows.

Well, this is problematic.

A ginger female comedian, Kathy Griffin, posed for the following photograph, which was released ahead of schedule by TMZ yesterday:

“I caption this “there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his…wherever” Also @tylershields great Photog/film maker,” the 56-year-old skag posted on Twitter yesterday after the picture came out.

That tweet has now been deleted and she’s been forced to walk it back, as it appears to be a threat to murder the President. Or, as a more sympathetic interpretation, a call for someone else to murder the President.

She actually posted an apology.

That’s sort of monumental.

A liberal apologizing.

I’m having a hard time remembering another time this has happened. The closest thing I can think of is MILO apologizing for saying it was normal for adult homosexuals in their thirties to be in relationships with 13-year-old boys, but that apology was forced because of his otherwise right-wing views, not because of the pro-pederasty statements themselves, which liberals such as that queer gook from Star Trek have made with impunity.

It’s a nice feeling, a liberal apologizing.

This may or may not have been after a visit from the Secret Service. I’m thinking it was not, as it would have been reported, probably, if she’d been visited by the SS. Also, Bow Wow threatened to kidnap Melania and use her as a sex slave and was not visited by the SS, so it is pretty much considered legal now for people to make threats against the President (and his family).

I think she made the apology because it was demanded by her bosses.

If you can sort of vaguely recognize this woman but can’t remember from where, you are not alone.

I just read her Wikipedia page, and can tell you why you sort of recognize her.

She did a bunch of HBO stand-up specials in the 90s that got played on repeat for political reasons. And maybe because women actually liked them. She’s also had a bunch of small roles in a bunch of movies and TV shows, as well as starred in a reality show I’ve never heard of, but which according to Wikipedia got good ratings. And she’s worked for CNN.

She is an Irish Catholic, not a Jew. In case you were wondering about that.

I hope liberals are forced to apologize for a lot more things in the coming months and years. And I hope right-wingers start refusing to apologize.

Here’s Molyneux’ take on the situation.