Gimp Suit: This is What Happens When Russia Lets the Germans In

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

So the Russians didn’t want Hitler coming in to bring them peace and prosperity.

But they want this weirdo?

I very much doubt that.

I think it’s just a small minority of people who want this weirdo, and he should be banned for being weird.

And just for being German. The German race has become totally hostile to global peace and normalcy, insisting on forcing trillions upon trillions of Moslems down everyone’s throat.


German band Rammstein are known for outrageous stunts and a proclivity for exploring sexuality. So attendees at frontman Till Lindemann’s book signing needn’t have been surprised when he arrived with a woman in a full gimp suit.

Lindemann caused more than few gasps and shocked expressions in Moscow on Tuesday when he used a girl dressed in a bondage suit to make his grand entrance at the book signing.

Giddy fans were excited to get a glimpse of the outlandish German rock star, who is currently touring his live show ‘Messer’ around the globe.

The gimp, a sexual fetishist who likes to be dominated and typically dresses in a leather or rubber body suit complete with mask, zips, and chains, was kind enough to snap pictures with Lindemann’s fans.

I’m not even a prude, but this is gross.

I guess it could be looked at as a commentary on feminism – if it was done in Sweden. Or, you know – Germany.

Doing it in Russia, it appears as a basic German attack on sexual normalcy.

Rammstein was okay, I guess. Not really my type of music.

I did like the America song.

“We’re all living in America.”

You do travel the world, and really get the sense that this song is correct – so-called “American” culture, which is in fact just Jewish consumerism being run out of the biggest empire the Jews have control over, has spread throughout the world like a plague.

It’s one thing for international McDonald’s locations to have Santa Claus displays and Christmas carols playing across the entire planet, but they do this at local places all across the world too. And it’s not just Christmas, but Halloween and every other consumerized holiday. And just all of the plastic crap and the Hollywood nonsense. It’s vile that you can’t go anywhere in the world and get away from it.

Also, I think that video might be subtly denying the Moon landing hoax.