Giant Swastika in the Desert Near Roswell

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2016



Apparently, there’s a gigantic Swastika in the Roswell desert.

The Sun:

A strange shape resembling a giant swastika has been spotted in the desert near Area 51.

Since the alleged 1947 Roswell UFO crash, the ground near Area 51 has been continually scoured by conspiracy theorists for proof of any extra-terrestrial activity.

And now alien-hunters are working each other into a frenzy over this strange shape, which was found marked out on the ground nearby.

Google maps revealed what some people are claiming is a giant swastika, located around 70 miles from the town of Roswell itself.

The strange find was covered on the website Ancient Origins, with the site saying: “People have claimed that the enigmatic symbol found near Roswell is the result of Nazi occultism and even alien worship, due to its proximity to Roswell.”

Or maybe the aliens worship Hitler?

Wild speculation by conspiracy bloggers has thrown up the theory that the symbol could be an alien UFO beacon, whilst others claim it is an ancient Native American symbol used to communicate with aliens.

However, there is a more likely conclusion.

The symbol was probably dug out as a marker for American pilots to practice bombing runs during the Second World War.

However, Ancient Origins also said that this theory “isn’t widely accepted by everyone.”

The site went on to say: “There are many people who believe that the enigmatic symbols spread across the land of New Mexico, date back hundreds of years.”

I grew-up listening to Art Bell, and always found aliens theories interesting. But the thing about aliens – or rather UFOs, specifically – is that now that everyone has a video camera on their cellphone, we should be seeing dozens of videos of UFOs uploaded to YouTube every day. And yet, we do not.

That fact has really slowed the alien conspiracy movement, I think. Now, if anyone comes out and claims to have seen a UFO, people are like “well, why didn’t you film it?” and there is no good answer to that. People film everything now.

So if UFOs aren’t real, then it is unlikely that the government actually put a lot of energy into researching them, meaning this is probably not a UFO beacon.

Though I do like theories which connect the supernatural, space aliens and Nazism. These things could, realistically, form the foundations of a future myth for mankind.


In my own view, aliens probably do exist (why would they not?), but there is no real evidence that I’ve seen that they’ve been to earth. Although the theory that White people were originally from another planet and ended up landing here and then having sex with some sort of native ape-people and creating the lower races is a pretty good theory.

It was also the basis for the surprise ending of Battlestar Galactica, which I think was a very good series overall.