Giant Statue of Robert E. Lee Removed in Virginia

We’re all used to it at this point.

But this attempt to destroy our history is really unprecedented.

Not even the Bolsheviks went this far.


Tempers were running high on Twitter as the towering statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was torn down in Virginia on Wednesday, a year after plans to remove the monument were announced in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

The dispute over the fate of General Lee statue reached its climax early on Wednesday morning, when municipal workers turned up on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue with a cherry-picker. As they were removing the statue from its graffiti-covered podium, the debate over whether it was the right move raged on.

Lee, described in the history books as a skilled leader, was the commander-in-chief of the Confederate States army during the American Civil War, leading the Army of Northern Virginia until its surrender in 1865. The general also had an objectively darker side, inheriting slaves, to whom, according to some documents, he was cruel, encouraging their overseers to beat them. However, in a seeming contrast to his reputation, he opined in a letter dated 1856 that slavery was “a moral & political evil,” and that God would ensure their emancipation.

Reaction online to the removal of the general’s statue has been mixed, polarizing an America already divided on the issue of how to deal with the legacies of controversial historical figures. While some have taken delight in the toppling of the Confederate leader’s monument, others have claimed the US is destroying what little history it has.

Comedian Erich McElroy took to Twitter to delight in the news. He said that, as a school student, he had read Lee’s biography, which had made him out to be a great general who had suffered misfortune. “The propaganda campaign about the confederacy has lasted far too long. Good riddance, General Lee,” he wrote.

Other commenters concurred, one claiming the statue’s removal was long overdue, but that “the resentment, hate, contempt, and white racism will remain.” Another added that “Southern thinking” had been what lost the Confederates the war. One poster said there was “so much blood on Lee’s hands.”

The founder of the local Black Lives Matter chapter, Lawrence West, welcomed the move, telling CNN on Tuesday that the impending action would be “very satisfying and gratifying.” He claimed the 12-ton statue was “very symbolic of the Confederate mindset … the levels of oppression that [black] people feel on a regular, day-to-day basis.”

But the euphoria wasn’t universally shared. Some saw the statue’s toppling as an attempt to destroy history, rather than learn from it. “The US [is] obliterating what little history they had!” one critic wrote on Twitter.

Robert Poll, of the British campaign group Save Our Statues, tweeted, “Lee had more dignity in his little finger than this guy on the cherry-picker will ever have,” describing the event as another milestone in the destruction and rewriting of American history.

Yeah, the history is all digital now, so they are literally going to rewrite it.

That is the plan, at least.

RT doesn’t mention it, but apparently there was also a time capsule at the statue’s base, and they’re going to take that out and replace it with a new one with “modern” items in it as ABC News writes:

A time capsule from 1887 that state officials believe is tucked inside the statue’s base is set to be removed Thursday. It will be replaced with a new time capsule that contains items reflective of current times, including an expired vial of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, a Black Lives Matter sticker and a photograph of a Black ballerina with her fist raised near the Lee statue after racial justice protests erupted following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.

Historical records and imaging tests helped state officials pinpoint the capsule’s location in the cornerstone of the 40-foot tall concrete pedestal.

A newspaper article from 1887 suggests that the copper time capsule contains mostly memorabilia, including a U.S. silver dollar and a collection of Confederate buttons. But one line from that article has piqued the interest of historians. Listed among the artifacts is a “picture of Lincoln lying in his coffin.”

It is unclear what kind of a picture it is, but the article says it was donated by “Miss Pattie Leake,” who was a school principal from a prominent local family.

After the time capsule is removed, it will be brought to a state Department of Historic Resources lab, where historians will immediately open it and begin to preserve the approximately 60 items believed to be inside.

Gov. Ralph Northam said the original time capsule reflects Virginia in 1890, but the 39 items contained in the new capsule reflect “who we are as a people in 2021.”

“The past 18 months have seen historic change, from the pandemic to protests for racial justice that led to the removal of these monuments to a lost cause. It is fitting that we replace the old time capsule with a new one that tells that story,” Northam said in a news release.

In the 1960s, George Lincoln Rockwell said that none of the movements for “civil rights” were actually about helping the blacks, and pointed out that the material situation of the blacks was not improving at all with all of these revolutionary moves.

He said: “the Jews are using the negro as a battering ram against white America.”

All of these decades later, the blacks are much worse off than they ever were under slavery or Jim Crow, and they’re still going along with these Jewish revolutions that do not benefit them in any way.

Black people are very stupid, really.