Ghislaine Maxwell Photoshopped That Picture of Her at the California In-N-Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein drama continues to appear more and more like a spy novel written by a teenage girl being mentored by John Grisham.

Daily Mail:

The first picture of Ghislaine Maxwell in more than three years was staged by her close friend and attorney, Leah Saffian, has learned exclusively.

A photo of Maxwell, 57, was published last week at an In-N-Out Burger joint in Los Angeles, the day after broke the world exclusive that Epstein’s alleged madam had been living under the radar at a Massachusetts mansion with her boyfriend Scott Borgerson for the past three years.

The In-N-Out burger joint picture was published by the New York Post on Thursday after they obtained it from Saffian, 60.

In the picture, Maxwell is seen staring at the camera with a tray of food and two drinks. A dog, which is understood to be Saffian’s dog named Dexter, is at her feet.

Maxwell is reading a book in the picture but the title is not visible. The New York Post named the book as, The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.

According to the photograph’s metadata, reviewed by, the photograph is tagged with ‘Meadowgate’. Metadata provides information about the rights of the photograph to users.

Saffian is president of Meadowgate Media Investments Inc, according to public records. has reached out to Saffian for comment.

According to the New York Post, the person taking the photo had surprised Maxwell, who has not spoken publicly on Epstein’s arrest or suicide. Maxwell apparently told an ‘onlooker’ at the In-N-Out Burger, ‘Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!’

The New York Post’s original story reported that Maxwell had been spotted at the burger joint by a ‘regular’ diner who claimed to have recognized her from television, and asked: ‘Are you who I think you are?’

Rather than denying it or fleeing, Maxwell reportedly responded: ‘Yes, I am.’

Numerous media outlets, following up on the story, quoted the mystery diner from the pages of the Post. But in later editions online, the Post inexplicably dropped all mention of the diner’s serendipitous discovery, instead saying that Maxwell was merely surprised to have been found.

The release of the photo has been plagued with questions surrounding apparent inconsistencies.

The Mail on Sunday reported this weekend that one of America’s biggest outdoor advertising companies alleged that at least one photo of Maxwell had been altered.

Behind Maxwell can be seen a bus shelter displaying an ad for the movie ‘Good Boys’ which opened in the U.S. this past Friday.

There’s only one problem: That particular bus shelter has displayed a poster advertising the Providence St Joseph’s Medical Centre since July 28 – and continues to do so, according to Outfront Media spokeswoman Carly Zipp.

Outfront keeps meticulous records of exactly which posters are displayed at bus shelter locations across the US, but Zipp insists that at the bus shelter outside In-N-Out burger where Maxwell dined: ‘We have no record of ‘Good Boys’ ever being posted.

‘We had our installers check logs, and they even went out . . to check. There’s no evidence ”Good Boys” was ever posted.’

I do not agree with the Mail’s conclusion that the Jew Maxwell is holed up in this tech Jew’s house, because if charges came down, they could easily arrest her at that spot. It’s not hard for the feds to get a search warrant based on “media reports.”

She has presumably already left the country. Maybe she was at Borgerson’s place before the Epstein arrest, but she would not be there now. The sophistication of the situation implies that the photoshop was itself meant to be found out as fake.

Because it doesn’t make any sense. They did this meticulous and presumably difficult job in photoshopping the poster in the background, but also didn’t remove the second tray and drink, which proves that Maxwell was not alone at the table.

Second tray is on the bench in this photo.

So, I speculate, the photo would have been released for the purpose of being found out and implying that she is in the Massachusetts mansion. Because as the Mail notes, it was released immediately after they reported that she was there.

My thought is that she won’t be seen or heard from again for a very long time. Then, in 10 or 15 years, it will be revealed that she was living in some third world country, and she will give an interview talking about how she was the real victim and didn’t do nothing.

Of course, I don’t think she will have been in whatever third world country they will claim she was in. She will have been in Israel. Times are now different than they ever were, and it is just too easy to get photographed in public, what with the cellphone cameras everyone has. Further, this is not the 1990s where you can go to a third world country and be around only nonwhites who don’t know or care who you are – every third world country, at least in the areas that Maxwell would be interested in living in, has a bunch of white people now, who can and will recognize Maxwell and take pictures of her and post them online.

The only place where she can live a semi-normal life is Israel, and that is where she will be. (I will note that it is also possible that the Jews have set up totally fake towns in various third world countries, probably South America, where spies can retire, and she might end up in one of those – this is effectively the same thing as being in Israel, however.)

She will be protected by the Mossad because the last thing they want is for their other agents to think that they won’t be protected. Good intelligence agencies have to provide for spies, because spies have to believe that they will be provided for if they are to function at the level a spy needs to function at. This is why I take seriously the theory that Epstein may actually still be alive.

Or maybe he isn’t. Maybe he did something to betray other Jews.

More Kook Theories (Because They are Really Appropriate Now)

This stuff is all so bizarre and like something out of… again, like something out of a spy novel written by a 14-year-old girl who is being mentored by John Grisham… that it has become appropriate to do something I very rarely do, and speculate about completely unfounded conspiracy theories. Because there really is no place for Occam and his razor in this drama.

We still don’t know why Epstein was arrested at all. It doesn’t make any sense. Arresting him was almost certainly illegal, because he already had a plea deal and had served time in jail for these crimes. The deal completely and totally shielded him from potential further prosecution.

There aren’t really any easy solutions to that question.

My favorite is that Attorney General William Barr, whose father Donald Barr was a Jewish converso and acquainted with Epstein (he hired him to work at the prestigious Dalton School in 1974), held some kind of personal grudge against his father and Jews generally and has spent his entire life plotting his revenge.

He would have approached Donald Trump with a plan to bring Epstein down and get ahold of the blackmail material in Epstein’s safe, which would give Donald Trump the ability to act without the hindrances of all of these people holding him back.

We know that an entire safe worth of meticulously labeled child sex material was extracted by the FBI from Epstein’s home, and we know that we haven’t heard about who is in the material.

This theory made sense immediately after the event when Donald Trump began a rampage, telling blacks to leave the country and so on. And it made sense in terms of theories about the El Paso shooting being staged by intelligence agencies – it would have been a strike back at Trump in response to his grabbing the blackmail materials and also a massive media distraction from what even normies are speculating is a Mossad child sex blackmail ring. The timing of this series of events was incredibly strange.

However, this theory might fall apart when we see that William Barr was incapable of keeping Epstein from being murdered in prison. Of course, he has now fired the head of the prisons, who – of course – turned out to be Jewish. So maybe he tried to protect Epstein and just got out-maneuvered.

So Barr could be the bad guy, he could be the good guy – we don’t know but we will know soon enough.

What I think is pretty clear is that someone wanted Epstein to be arrested for good reasons. I do not think that there is any scenario in which arresting Epstein was a part of a Jewish plot. There probably is such a scenario someone could create, but I personally cannot think of one, nor have I seen anyone else think of one.

Because ultimately, it is impossible – in my view – that the Jews would want a massive media focus on a Jew who is clearly a Mossad agent (Maxwell’s father is a known Mossad agent) running a jailbait blackmail operation in New York City and using it on powerful politicians and others. If Epstein did something to betray them, they would have either had him assassinated or had him arrested for something else and had someone clear out his house of the blackmail material. He was constantly going to France – he was arrested at the airport on the way back – and I’m sure he was having sex with underage girls there (although the age of consent is more iffy in France). They surely could have arrested him for something there. France is almost as Jewish as America.

Furthermore, Vicky Ward, author of Kushner, Inc. and a very good journalist, has said that Alexander Acosta told the Trump Administration when he was getting a job that he was told during Epstein’s first arrest in 2008 – presumably by Robert Mueller’s FBI, although Ward doesn’t say that – that Epstein was intelligence.

Daily Beast:

“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)

This implies that while Epstein was working as a Mossad agent, he was also employed by a US intelligence agency, which would make it even more difficult for him to be arrested this second time for crimes he’d already been prosecuted for.

So who ordered the arrest? 

Barr is the immediate person you would think of here, and probably the only person who could have pulled the strings to get Epstein arrested this second time.

Honestly, I have no idea what is going on, and I don’t think anyone does. This story might just get buried. If it is buried, that will mean that Barr was not the hero. If he starts indicting people based on the sex tapes the FBI recovered from Epstein’s house, that will certainly indicate that he is the hero.