Ghislaine Maxwell Cries When Denied Bail, Reported Fears She’ll be Murdered in Prison

I don’t think they can kill Maxwell in prison like with Epstein.

That would just be too much.

New York Post:

Ghislaine Maxwell believes her ex-lover Jeffrey Epstein was murdered behind bars and lives in fear of facing the same unfortunate end, according to a new report.

“Everyone’s view including Ghislaine’s is Epstein was murdered. She received death threats before she was arrested,” an unnamed friend told the Sun.

A federal judge denied Maxwell bail on Tuesday and ordered the 58-year-old to spend the next year awaiting trial at the Brooklyn Detention Center, where she has been held since shortly after her July 2 arrest in New Hampshire.

The friend, whom the Sun described as “in regular contact with Maxwell at her secret New Hampshire hideaway,” said the death threats spurred the British socialite to hire security guards, and led her to believe she may not live to see her trial.

The daughter of disgraced British medial mogul Robert Maxwell cried in court as federal Judge Alison Nathan refused to let her out on bail.

We don’t know why she was in the United States to get arrested. It makes no sense.

Furthermore, it still doesn’t make sense why Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for crimes he’d already been tried for. He made a federal deal. It was illegal to arrest him.

What could possibly be the point of arresting a Mossad agent and then killing him in prison, making a gigantic media spectacle of the fact that he was running an underage sex blackmail ring with the country’s most powerful people?

It almost seems like the only explanation is some kind of satanic Jewish ritual.

But surely, that’s not it.