Ghislaine Maxwell Bragged to Prince Andrew’s Cousin About Searching Trailer Parks for Epstein Girls

This is just one, final reminder that no one will ever be prosecuted for orchestrating this Israeli jailbait prostitution/blackmail scheme. Because the lives of a thousand white teenage girls are not worth the fingernail of a Mossad operative.

New York Post:

Ghislaine Maxwell trolled trailer parks to find girls for pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein to fuel his insatiable sexual appetite, Prince Andrew’s cousin says.

“Ghislaine says to me, ‘Jeffrey has a sex drive that I cannot keep up with. He has to have three orgasms a day,’ ” Christina Oxenberg, a sister of actress Catherine Oxenberg, says in a new documentary, according to

“She says, ‘I cannot keep up with him physically, and I help by bringing in other girls.’ She said it as a boast. She was proud of it,” Oxenberg, a distant cousin of the prince, said on the new Investigation Discovery documentary series “Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?,” which premieres Monday.

“She says, ‘What I do is I drive into the trailer parks in West Palm Beach, and I look for what I know is Jeffrey’s type, and I bring ’em home.’”

The royal cousin said British socialite Maxwell revealed her alleged recruiter status while trying to get Oxenberg, an author who had just finished her own semi-biographical work, to pen her memoir in 1997.  Epstein, a convicted pedophile, died behind bars in an apparent suicide by hanging in Manhattan in August while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

“She says to me, ‘The reason I want you to write my memoir is because I want Jeffrey to marry me.’ These are her words,” Christina Oxenberg said of Maxwell in the series, according to the Mail.

“She says, ‘I believe that if [Epstein] sees this book, he will see me in a different way. It will elevate me in his estimation. He will no longer see me only as an employee.’”

Christina Oxenberg insisted that Maxwell and Epstein were not dating, at least in the 1990s, despite the socialite’s best efforts to pretend they were.

“She would tell me things like, ‘I keep myself thin because Jeffrey likes his girls thin,’ ” Oxenberg said.

“I’d think, ‘But you’re not his type,’” she said, adding that Epstein liked stunningly beautiful girls, “nothing like Ghislaine, who is smart but doesn’t have it in the looks department.”

But “these two, they are halves of a whole, and they fit,” Oxenberg said of Maxwell and Epstein.

“They need each other. She has the contacts, and he has the money, and without the contacts, his money is useless, and without his money, her contacts are useless.”

Now, this situation will be forgotten about entirely, and Ghislaine Maxwell will sip cocktails on a beach somewhere until she dies of old age.

The crazy part is that all of the facts are just right in your face, printed by the media, there for anyone who wants to see them. Maxwell, the daughter of a beloved Mossad agent, Epstein, the Jewish fake billionaire who worked for some “intelligence” group and was thus protected from prosecution, an entire list of powerful people and a safe full of underage sex tapes meticulously organized and labeled.

Anyone who just looks at the Epstein story on its face, based on mainstream media sources, is going to determine that Maxwell and Epstein were running a Mossad blackmail operation that lured in powerful people from all levels of our society, recruiting them to serve the agenda of the Jews.

Epstein was not intelligent and he was not even a real billionaire. It was a fake fortune provided by the Israeli government and various genuinely rich Jews, such as Victoria’s Secret CEO Leslie Wexner, who just literally gave this high school dropout what is probably the most expensive single family home in the world as a gift. The single reason that anyone had to be around him was that he offered the unique service of recording them in sex acts with underage girls in exchange for increased power in a global system that is completely controlled by Jews.

That is an important thing to understand: these were not secret recordings. It was not a situation where people went to Epstein and didn’t know he was a Mossad agent and he secretly recorded them after being like “hey yeah, I’ve got some young girls you can have sex with if you want…”

Blackmail very often is created voluntarily. If someone has blackmail on you, they know that you’re going to be loyal to them and they can essentially get you to do anything they want you to do.

Those with eyes to see need to look at this temple of his, which was on his sex island, and consider its meaning.

We have seen from drone footage of the island that this temple appears to connect to underground tunnels.

Everything that we know always leads back to a satanic agenda by the Jews to create a one world government where Christians are cleansed and all on earth are forced to pledge allegiance to the Jews’ own father: Satan himself.

If you want to know what that will look like, be not anxious: you will see soon enough.

Those things which live in the darkness are, even as you read this, making their way towards the light.

We know who it is that is bringing them forth. 

They will remain until Jesus Christ tosses them into the bottomless pit.