Get the Latest Info on the Deadly Coronavirus: President Planning to Murder His Supporters

Donald Trump, a goyish threat to democracy itself, is not immune to the deadly coronavirus.

If you go to a Trump rally, and he coughs or sneezes in the airplane hanger – you will die.

But that’s not what he’s telling the silly goyim – oh no. On Twitter, he is humming a different ballad.

Thankfully, the good folks at Twitter are not letting Trump get away with his lies.

Twitter has censored the tweet, rightly calling it misleading and harmful.

You wondered why total censorship ability at Twitter was handed over to the Israeli Anti-Defamation League?

This is why.

Jews will protect the goyim from the threats that seek to harm their precious democracy.

The Jews are intended to be a light unto the goyim.

You can just see it in ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt’s kind, honest eyes: all he cares about is guiding the goyim into true and just democracy.

Donald Trump is trying to kill us all with the most deadly virus ever in human history – and that’s the honest Jewish truth.

The Jews are here to protect you from his claims to the contrary.