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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2017

At long last.

After nearly four years of there being no Daily Stormer t-shirt…

There is a Daily Stormer t-shirt.

Because you demanded it.

Also, because we need shekels lol.

The design, by famed graphic designer Zeiger, is retro-futurist and unlike something with swastikas and Hitler, can easily be worn in public. The only people who are likely to recognize it will be other bros. And if someone does recognize it, you can be like “what the hell are you talking about?” and say you just picked it up at Walmart because it looked cool.

You will get a rush secretly wearing a Nazi t-shirt in public without having to suffer the consequences of wearing a Nazi t-shirt in public.

Our friends over at I Need Merch are letting us run a campaign, where we take the orders over the course of a week and then the shirts are printed afterward, so I don’t have to figure out some number to buy and then either have too few or too many (it would be very unlikely that I would guess the exact right number).

As our revenue streams have continued to be strangled by the various Jewish terrorist groups who engage in such strangling, this could potentially make us some money. So, you should definitely buy one or five.

They are $19.95 + s&h.

All sizes are available.

International shipping is available.


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