Get Out in the Street – NOW!

Now is the time for a nationwide movement of occupying capital cities. We need the biggest protest movement that this nation or any nation has ever seen, and we need it now.

Shake off the shock of this situation and get moving. It’s Sunday. You can get down to your capital today.

The website “StopTheSteal.US” is organizing these protests, but note that we don’t really need them. We have a totally organic movement.

Frankly, I want to say that you should quit your job and go full leftist style professional protester, but I don’t have the ability to say that. I will say: if you don’t have a job, you absolutely need to camp at some state capital. You have to. You don’t have a choice.

Jobless people, listen to me very closely:

Your life is now that of a professional protester. Period. Now, get going – get your laptop, your sleeping bag, and your MAGA hat, and drive to the protest zone. You will be sleeping in your car or getting lodging from wherever the protesters are sleeping. Unless of course you live in the capital city you are occupying, in which case you can go home and sleep at night. Otherwise, take the leap of faith, and Our Lord will provide for you. I promise you that.

Even if you are sleeping at home, you need to spend every waking hour at the protest. Literally, the only time you can be at home is when you sleep. Get up, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, and roll out, don’t come home until dark. (I suspect people will be bringing food for everyone to these events, and you’ll eat for free – but packing a lunch or having enough money to buy a lunch is a good idea, especially when you’re just feeling it out.)

If you have even one single doubt about this, ask God to give you a sign. Just go ahead and ask Him, right now. I can say with 100% confidence He will send you a sign that says: “occupy, young man, occupy.”

For all of those of you with jobs: this is now your second job.

Every single free second that you have, you must be out there protesting. Period. We need people taking up space. The more people, the better. Ultimately, we want to have so many people in the street that the city stops functioning.

Just go out in the streets. That is your right. The blacks have been doing it for months. Antifa do not have the numbers to stop you. There are seventy million of us, plus those under 18.

Let’s move. 

Communicating with Other Protesters

Basically, all social media has made it clear that they are going to shut down any calls for protest. Facebook is the outlet that was typically used for this purpose, and that is now completely off the table, forever.

We need new ways to organize this. The easiest immediate option is presumably Telegram. That is not indefinitely censorship free, and it certainly will be attacked and shut down if Kamala Harris is actually able to seize the White House. So we don’t want to count on that. However, right now, it is the best option.

So, get people on that. Right now, you need to start texting all of your people to tell them to protest, because they might be missing that this is going on. The media is declaring a nigh complete blackout, despite the fact that we have thousands of people already in every state.

These protests are going to be ongoing for weeks and potentially months and even years, assuming they don’t start shooting us (in which case tactics will change drastically). We are going to need a better option than Telegram for the long haul, but after getting kicked off of Facebook, moving people from Telegram to a more secure platform will not be difficult.

Just make sure that everyone you know knows that these protests are happening, because the media will continue to downplay it indefinitely. Record the protests and get the video up. We are going to flood the tubes like we are flooding the streets.