Germoney: Big-Brained Artist Unveils Stunning Bronze Statue Dedicated to Negro Drug Dealers

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2019

You have to admire this artist’s honesty at the very least. Blacks really are all criminals and scum – especially the new arrivals in Europe. You can’t walk anywhere in the city center of a major European city without being harassed by darkies offering you prostitutes or drugs, or trying to slip a bracelet around your wrist and shove you into a strip club.

This is the main contribution that blacks have brought to Europe. It deserves to be acknowledged.


A French-American artist has raised eyebrows across Germany after a three-meter bronze statue which immortalizes drug dealers appeared in a Berlin park.

Artist Scott Holmquist set up his “Last Hero” sculpture on Sunday in Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. Known nationwide as the “drug park,” the memorial stood for 24 hours, as agreed with the city.

Holmquist, who produces expressions of “complete depravity” according to his Twitter bio, said the piece was designed to reflect “solidarity and human rights for all – including for dealers.”

“It’s about how the reactions to park drug dealers crystallize fears, temptations, and desires, and at the same time shift the boundaries of control and solidarity,” Holmquist told B.Z.

The good artist gets to make the same point that Neon-Nazis do about blacks being an imported criminal underclass without being censored, but actually celebrated because he claims to do it from a Leftist perspective and looks kinda faggy.

I am reminded of a similar situation where a caller in the UK trolled a local radio host by saying he loved the Jews and then began to list off all the industries that they controlled and their overrepresentation in politics.

It’s the same concept really.

Observe these two statements:

“Blacks are criminal drug dealers.” = Off to jail with you, bigot.

“Blacks are criminal drug dealers… and should be celebrated for it!” = Stunning and brave social commentary.

Stop fighting it. You know this to be true.

It’s funny, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that this French artist was trolling Germoney and was secretly an Accelerationist with a skull mask anonymous Twitter avatar trying to get Whitey to wake up and start fighting back against the vile aliens who are taking over his homeland.

I mean if he were, that would be the absolute best tactic to use…

Wouldn’t you agree?