Germany’s Largest Bank Says the US Economy is Going to Collapse

All the signs are here.

But the US media isn’t saying the obvious.


Further disregarding inflation will push the global economy to a major crisis, according to the latest report issued by Deutsche Bank economists who point the finger at the US money-printing policies.

Germany’s largest lender warned that the unprecedented levels of cash being injected into the economy while inflation fears are being dismissed will lead to excruciating economic pain if not in the near term then in 2023 and beyond.

The report points to the US’ “breath-taking” monetary stimulus that is reportedly comparable with that seen around World War II.

(It’s not really comparable to that.)

“Then, US deficits remained between 15-30% for four years. While there are many significant differences between the pandemic and WWII we would note that annual inflation was 8.4%, 14.6% and 7.7% in 1946, 1947 and 1948 after the economy normalized and pent-up demand was released,” Deutsche Bank notes.

Moreover, the experts forecast dire impacts from the Federal Reserve’s new framework that supports tolerating higher inflation for the benefit of a full recovery of the country’s economy after the slumber caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The consequence of delay will be greater disruption of economic and financial activity than would be otherwise be the case when the Fed does finally act,” Deutsche’s economists wrote in the first report of the new series, titled “Inflation: The defining macro story of this decade.”

The only reason inflation is not already collapsing into hyperinflation are the super-bubbles in real estate and the stock market.

By the end of 2021, there will probably be more than twice the number of dollars in circulation as there were at the end of 2019.

I wonder why this is being kept a secret?

Why is Janet Yellen out there saying “inflation is transitory”?

Why is MSNBC saying that the lockdown will actually have made our economy better?

(Did you know they are literally saying that?)

Are they going to spring it on you?

But hey, who knows?

Maybe they can just put all the money in Tesla stock and housing prices?

If Tesla stock is $6 gorillion per share, then you can still by a Big Mac for only $15.