Germany’s Iconic Vogelslang Complex to House Asylum Squatters

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2015

This building does racism on refuse-gees
May the ghosts of Old Germany haunt them.

Once upon a time when Germans were un-cucked people battling the malignancy of International Jewry the Third Reich’s future leaders attended the prestigious Vogelslang military training school.

Situated in the picturesque national park Eifel in North-Rhine Westphalia, the estate is one of the largest National Socialist era relics to remain un-Jewed. Back in the day, it was pulsing with the verve of thousands of Aryan souls in a racially purified Germany, free from the scourge of the two-legged brown-refuse who call Angela Merkel “mother” and defecate openly in train carriages.

Ever since the tragic defeat of the Third Reich, National Socialist enthusiasts have made pilgrimages to this site, as is only natural.

Once upon a time.
Once upon a time.

But now it is about to be re-purposed as housing for charity-abusing, free-stuff seeking invaders who mock the ghosts of all those great German soldiers who graduated from there.

They came for the free stuff, they stayed for the rape and murder
They came for the free stuff, they stayed for the rape and murder

The Daily Mail reports cheerfully on this disgraceful state of affairs.

An iconic Nazi castle built to educate the Third Reich’s brightest young brains and is a magnet for far-right fascists is set to be turned into a temporary home for asylum seekers.

In an incredible move which has led to fears over clashes in Germany, refugees will soon be moved into the Vogelsang complex, which was built as a finishing school for the murderous movement’s future leaders.

The decision has been greeted with astonishment, not least because the colossal monument – the biggest surviving Nazi building – still attracts vast swathes of neo-Nazis, who gather in the grounds of the building once dedicated to the schooling of racial supermen.
Yep, from racial supermen to racial despoilers, the spirit of Vogelslang is to be forever besmirched as a symbolic example of Germany’s fate under Merkel’s dreidel-spinning occupied forces.

And as the article states, it’s only fair because Nazis were bad men who did racism on an unprecedented scale. This is also why their graves should be dug up and German homes given to healthy Moslem men who fled the horror of countries without free stuff to come to Germany where truthphones ensure they are not persecuted by reality.

But some are arguing by housing these future beheaders there instead of in luxury mansions that Germany is once again doing racism.

‘Surely, surely we can find a place with less political baggage than this,’ said Joachim Stamp, the refugee-policy spokesman of Germany’s FDP Liberal party, who is vehemently opposed to the plan to move in 1,000 refugees before the onset of winter.

‘Even if the accommodation situation generally is difficult, I strongly advise against this place. There’s too much historical attachment open to misinterpretations. It could cause any number of potential misunderstandings abroad.’

The Cologne district government has formulated the plan for the refugees to be quartered in Vogelsang because of inadequate tented camps that could become death traps if the winter is as hard as some predict.

District government leader Gisela Walsken, of Germany’s ‘labour’ party the SPD, wants to move in the asylum seekers as swiftly as possible and house them there until the start of the new year.

‘This would be a breach of a major taboo,’ commented the Cologne Express newspaper. ‘In the past, the policy has always been to repeatedly reject commercial concepts with reference to the historical burden of the terrain.’

Yes, the historical burden of liberating your race from the yoke of Jewish slavery is a disgraceful legacy for any insensate solid structure to have to lay on a perfectly healthy group of invaders from a land that worships a child rapist.

Clearly, there is much work still to be done in German thinking so that ideas such as this never offend these invading parasites by occurring again.

Spot the jew
Spot the jew

After all, the very racism of those evil Nazis is forever engraved in the buildings, and these sympathy-addicted trespassers are still traumatized from having to eat free food, and drink the free water given to them for just invading the place.

For acre after acre the buildings of Vogelsang loom over the dense beech and fir forests of the Eifel park, on the border with Belgium, its statues to an idealised German superman littering the grounds where monsters once lurked.

Nazi symbols are carved in brick, medieval Teutonic knights ride out in bas relief murals and eagles that once clutched the dreaded swastika in their talons abound.

When it passed back to the German government a decade ago after being used by the Belgian army since 1945, it was nothing more than a gigantic embarrassment. A reunited country, still struggling at times to come to terms with the murderous legacy of the Nazis, did not know what to do with it.

Germany’s Jewish community urged it to be torn down.

Yes, the Jewish community who were all killed off in the gas chambers and hurt rooms of the Nazi concentration camps all demanded that it be torn down to take away all reminders of how they were inhumanely murdered.

Better days.
Better days.

But that might have had the unfortunate effect of doing just that, which would have made impossible guilting the Germans for the remainder of eternity for deeds they did not do.

Klaus Ring, a historian involved in the rebranding of Vogelsang, said; ‘It is important that we have museums in places where the Nazis were active. In places like this we can analyze and explain the Nazi dictatorship more rationally than in, say, concentration camps where the respect for the dead requires one to focus on the suffering of the victims. We do not ignore the victims here; we are saying that what was taught here led directly to the ramp at Auschwitz.’

However, it is a fair bet that the extremely fussy refuse-gees will not be happy with the accommodation anyway and will complain to international human rights organizations and file a massive lawsuit against the German people.