Germany’s Biggest Newspaper Publishes Kuffar Etiquette Guide for Ramadan

Diversity Macht Frei
May 22, 2018

During the period of fast, as much as possible you should avoid eating at your desk in front of your Muslim colleagues or offering them food or drink.

Prayer is also part of Ramadan. Show understanding if your Muslim colleagues withdraw for prayer for somewhat longer.

As Ramadan falls in the hot season, high temperatures can be a burden for those who are fasting. Show understanding if your colleagues’ ability to concentrate and perform is perhaps somewhat limited.

Ramadan is the time for inner reflection and meditation, so hold back with offensive jokes.

At the end of the fasting period you can wish your colleagues “Happy Bayram!”


As even this absurd etiquette guide notes, prolonged fasting impairs job performance. All employers should stipulate in their employment contracts as a condition of hire that Muslim employees will not observe the Ramadan fast. There is no reason why the rest of the population should be expected to put up with the impaired performance of Muslims during Ramadan.

Nor is this a mere matter of output and percentages. Data from Islamic societies (see here) clearly documents the dramatic impact Ramadan has on the incidence of accidents. There was a case in France where a Muslim woman working in child care fainted at the wheel of a car while she was carrying children, killing them in the ensuing accident.