Germany: Two Shisha Bars Shot Up, 10 Dead! Schizophrenic Conspiracy Theorist Shooter!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2020


Tobias’ alleged manifesto has been published on pastebin.

I’ve published an English translation here.

Basically, according to this document, the man believed that he was being monitored from birth by a secret organization that can read his mind. He mentions the movie “The Cell.” He wants to commit a genocide against most nonwhite countries and believes half of the German population should be killed because they are mind controlled.

He also believed that his thoughts were creating television shows and movies and influencing world events. He was an incel. He wanted to create a time loop. He wanted the US to fight China.

It is basically just bog-standard schizophrenic gibberish, which doesn’t have any specific import, which makes me believe this is probably all real; he was the shooter and this is his manifesto.

There is no real benefit to the establishment to set up the narrative of a schizophrenic racist, given that the goal is to make racists appear to be metaphysically evil, and our moral order does not recognize schizophrenic people as evil but instead ill.

The headlines are saying “racist shooter,” but they also have to admit he was clearly a paranoid schizophrenic in the text.

Of course, they love a good “evil racist killer” headline, but when they have to admit that he was mentally ill, it blunts the value of the narrative.

Of course, a mentally ill person is not responsible for his actions, and the blame should be placed on the people who purposefully created the kind of conditions which would agitate the mentally ill into a state of murderous frenzy.


It appears that this guy was a 43-year-old German and a conspiracy theorist who believed in satanic rituals taking place in underground bases, and was also against immigrants. His name is Tobias Rathjen, and he was found dead from suicide by his mother after the shootings.

He recorded a video manifesto in English before the shooting, because he wanted to send a message to Americans about underground bases.

The video is currently up on Bitchute.

He also has a personal website that has been taken down but is up on

This could of course be fake. It’s kind of weird. Or he could be schizophrenic or what have you.

Who knows?

Presumably, more information will follow.

Original article follows.

It looks like virulent hatred for the length of the beard has struck again!

Either that or this is some kind of Arab gangland murder spree. Which seems unlikely.


Eight people are dead following two shootings at shisha bars in the western German city of Hanau.

At least five people were injured after gunmen opened fire at about 22:00 local time (21:00 GMT), police told the BBC.

Police added that they are searching for the suspects, who fled the scene and are currently at large.

The first shooting was at a bar in the city centre, while the second was in Hanau’s Kesselstadt neighbourhood, according to local reports.

Police officers and helicopters are patrolling both areas.

An unknown number of gunmen killed three people at the first shisha bar, before driving to the second and shooting dead another five victims, regional broadcaster Hessenschau reports.

The motive for the attack is unclear, a police statement said.

You know why they did this, right?

Because Russians on Facebook said that immigration is bad and that Moslems aren’t really true Germans.

We’ll have updates when they come in. If it is whites, they’ll tell us soon. If it’s other Moslems, it might take a while, as they imply it is probably whites without explaining or confirming it.