Germany: Two More Hajis Linked to Gang Rape of 18-Year-Old Student

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2018

These Moslem gang rapes are becoming so common that the German government is finally planning to do something about them.


Freiburg police are looking for two additional suspects tied to the rape of an 18-year-old student that saw eight men taken into custody and street protests in the German city.

Authorities on Friday said they found two further sets of DNA traces that do not match any of the others suspects’ DNA.

Several men are suspected of raping the victim after she had been to a nightclub in Freiburg on October 14. Police said the woman had taken drugs, but that it was unclear whether a drink she had afterward was spiked.

She is currently getting medical and psychological treatment and appears to be in “stable” condition, according to police.

Eight suspects, aged 19 to 29, are currently in custody. Seven of the men are from Syria and one is German.

Police described the main suspect, a 22-year-old from Syria, as a multiple offender. He is also suspected of being involved in another case of sexual assault.

Police also said three of the suspects in custody had posed on the Internet with weapons.