Germany: Turk Accused of Deliberately Ramming Car Into Schoolchildren

There are no videos in English about this that I could find

I would never have expected a Moslem to do something like this.

Oh well.

Part and parcel of easy access to kebabs on every corner.


A 30-year-old Turkish national has been accused of deliberately running down a group of German schoolchildren in Hesse, leaving an eight-year-old girl dead and two other girls seriously injured.

The Turk is said to have driven his vehicle at a group of youngsters in the town of Witzenhausen on Friday, hitting several in front of a daycare centre. An eight-year-old girl who was injured died a short time later in hospital and two other girls, aged seven and eight, are also in serious danger.

Initially, according to a report from the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, investigators believed that the fatal crash had been accidental, but witness testimony has led them to believe the Turkish man purposely targetted the children.

The public prosecutor’s office in Kassel also stated that the preliminary opinion of an expert has led them to reclassify the case as murder.

Even though Breitbart is entirely Jewish, they still sometimes do neo-Nazi things like noticing patterns

Investigators say at this time there is no evidence that the attack was motivated by terrorism and the 30-year-old is believed to have a history of psychiatric illness. They say his severe psychiatric illness may have played a major role in the alleged attack.

“The mood in the village has been very depressing since Friday, regardless of whether it was an accident or intentional,” Witzenhausen mayor Daniel Herz said.

This thing where all Islamic attacks are mental illness now, while all white men are evil and terrorists even if they’re not violent – it’s wild, man.

Just wild.

A real bummer.

“Tis better to have eaten kebab and died for it, than to have never eaten kebab at all” -Shakespeare