Germany to Force-Vax All of Europe?

It’s a new year and things are about to get a lot worse.

A lot worse.

Way, way, worse.

That emo song from the 1990s? It was lying.

Did you know that singer was Jewish?

I hate that song.

Actually, that’s why I’m a bit late with the articles today. I was riding around in my 1994 Toyota Hillux last night and some bitch that was in the car put this song on and I said “oh no, please, we’re not doing this” and drastically reached for the radio, at which point I jerked the wheel and rolled the Hillux.

I’m in the hospital right now with a broken femur.

I’m not late because of the broken femur – trust me, I can wake up and get my work in on time in a hospital bed. I’m late because I was on the phone with the Japanese, who legally claim the Hillux is “unflippable.” I said: “listen nip, the sonovabitch flipped and I’ve got the selfies to prove it.”

The nips were attempting to offer me a free version of the remake of Monster Rancher 1 & 2 and a collection of “very arousing loli DVDs.”

I said I wouldn’t tolerate it.

I kept saying “let me talk to your manager, this is not satisfactory.”

They kept saying “I am the manager” and I was like “let me talk to the manager’s manager, zipperhead – I know how this game works!”

And he said “oh-ho – no, no, no. Cannot posibrrel.”

Then finally I wore him down by relaying the details of his country’s humiliating defeat in World War II, and was able to talk to the top manager of the nips and was offered a Steam key for Elden Ring.

I said: “that’ll do, nip. That’ll do.”

I said it exactly like in that movie Babe.

I posted the video of the conversation on TikTok and it was immediately deleted.

Apparently, the Chinese censors viewed it as portraying the Japanese as too generous and reasonable. The message I received from TikTok read: “dirty Japanese no good. No good. Japanese no good. No good.”

I had this whole conversation on speaker phone and the whole hospital staff started cheering when I finally got them to give up the Elden Ring.

But I won.

I won.

Ironically, the Hillux is fine. I’m actually driving it right now as I type this, because the hospital staff refused to go pick up my Wendy’s. The femur seems mostly healed after I demanded intravenous injections of Alex Jones’ Anthroplex.

They said the bitch who sabotaged me with that 1990s Jewish new year’s hit song has permanent brain damage. I tried to explain that was not a new condition, but she could try suing me and see how that works.

Everything is coming up daisies for Andrew Anglin in 2022.