Germany: Syrian Child Refugee from Tunisia Arrested for Plotting to Kill People with Ricin

Daily Stormer
June 16, 2018

I don’t know what’s more shocking – the fact that a Moslem would try to commit a terror attack, or the fact that one of them was actually smart enough to think of something more complicated than smashing a car into a crowd or shoving a bomb in his underwear.


German authorities have thwarted a plot by a Tunisian man who created the deadly toxin ricin using castor bean seeds and planned to use the poison in an Islamic extremist attack in Germany, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Sief Allah H., whose last name wasn’t given in line with German privacy laws, was taken into custody Tuesday during a raid on his apartment in Cologne. The 29-year-old was formally arrested Wednesday after a judge reviewed the evidence.

Somehow, these laws aimed at defending the “rights” of criminals and terrorists never seem to apply to people who do things like, I dunno, question whether there were real gas chambers at Auschwitz (SPOILER: There weren’t any).

Authorities are still investigating exactly how the suspect planned to use the toxin, but said he was working on a “biological weapon” attack in Germany.

“We don’t know how, or how widely, the ricin was to have been distributed,” said prosecutors’ spokesman Markus Schmitt.

The suspect is believed to have begun procuring material online in mid-May, prosecutors said. He succeeded in creating the toxin this month and investigators found it in the apartment search.

Prosecutors wouldn’t say how much ricin the suspect had produced.

Can’t let the goyim know how many of them could’ve died, or else they might start thinking getting killed in a terrorist attack isn’t worth the shawarmas.

The suspect is not known to have been a member of a terrorist organization but did have contacts with extremists, Schmitt said.

“He had contacts with people in the jihadist spectrum,” Schmitt said, but would not elaborate on whether those contacts were online, in person or both.

His religion explicitly tells him to kill everyone who doesn’t follow it.

You’d think that’d be enough to make him suspicious…

Bild also reported that the suspect bought bomb-making materials and chemicals used in the production of ricin. It said the suspect lived in the Chorweiler neighborhood of Cologne with his wife, a convert to Islam, and four children. He supposedly used instructions to make a ricin bomb that had been posted online by the extremist Islamic State group.

I see he got his customary German whore, compliments of Mama Merkel.

You know what would solve the terrorism problem permanently?

Getting rid of all the Moslems – also permanently.

And there’s only way to do that – we have to somehow convince Japan to tell us how they reverse-engineered the Moslems’ meat-on-a-stick technology.

The moment we finally figure out the secret of putting meat on a stick is the moment we won’t depend on Moslems to do it for us.

Only then will we be free of terrorism.