Germany: Survey Shows Most Women Don’t Feel Safe in Public Spaces

I’m pretty sure there was a time when the streets in Germany were actually quite safe.

What changed since then?

Free West Media:

“Every fourth woman has experienced sexual harassment and every fifth has been persecuted, insulted and threatened,” said Maike Röttger, the managing director of the Plan International (PI) children’s aid organisation, who is responsible for the survey.

From January to March, 970 women took part in the survey and provided information on their experiences in public spaces in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. According to this, 54 percent of the survey participants felt the most unsafe when they were on the road. Waiting or using public transport also cause fear (19 percent) and staying in the park (18 percent). Such fears are more intense at night.

The main reason for this is said to be scary people, especially people who have used drugs or alcohol in public. This is reinforced by poorly lit places in cities. The negative experiences of the respondents included sexual advances in the park while jogging or direct immoral, intrusive contact.

Why aren’t they more specific?

Who are these “scary people” and where did they come from?

Guess it’s one of those mysteries that aren’t gonna be solved ever, in the entire history of the world.

What about a solution, does anyone have one?

As a solution, Plan International proposed not only urban development measures to reduce scary places but also a change in role models. “Because sexual harassment, discrimination and violence are social phenomena that are often the result of the outdated notion that girls and women are less worth and the ‘weaker sex’.”

This often suggests to men that they have the right to harass girls and women, to shout out after them or to insult them, the organisation concluded from the answers. But PI did not bother to name the perpetrators of this scourge.

Ah yes, feminist urban planning and pretending that women aren’t the weaker sex.

That’s gonna solve everybody’s problems.

Because if you pretend the average adult woman isn’t at the mercy of every boy above the age of 12, it’s gonna become reality.

Like magic!