Germany: Subhumans Conquer Park in Small Town, Chase Off Women and Children

Daily Stormer
September 7, 2017

You know what the most shocking about this? It’s that nobody could’ve foreseen it. I mean, how are people supposed to know that clinically retarded subhumans are not nice people?


A children’s park in the eastern German town of Ebersdorf has been taken over by young male asylum seekers who terrorise locals and have banned women and children from entering the playground.

The park, located at the end of Huttenstrasse, is home to a playground that was popular for parents to take their small children. Thirty-nine-year-old Claudia Kuhnt lives near the park and said that recent asylum seekers had taken over the area and were making it dangerous for locals and their children, Tag24reports.

I can’t believe someone can say that brown people are dangerous in CURRENT YEAR, in Germany, and not go to prison. Their local ZOG branch is really losing it’s touch…

“They are NOT DANGEROUS, they are IN DANGER!” – Some Krautcuck

“The asylum seekers are drinking, bullying, assault, and driving cars. I do not leave my children on the playground,” Kuhnt said and added, “We would like to use the beautiful playground again without fear.”

The 39-year-old is not the only mother who complained about the presence of the young asylum seekers.Thirty-two-year-old Doreen Eulenberger said she has stopped going to the park and takes her children elsewhere.

I hear Merkel’s gonna win the election again… So fuck you.

On one side of the park is a kebab stand which is run by Fayik Sahin who has also complained about the asylum seekers. “North African refugees have brought fear to Ebersdorf,” he said.

“Look goyim! A good one! He sells kebab! So stop the HATRED!!!”

The police in the area admit that the park has become a gathering place for asylum seekers who often drink alcohol there. Authorities recorded a total of 14 offences this year including sexual harassment, threats, and violent assault. Ten suspects have been identified in connection with the various incidents, all of them asylum seekers.

No bombings? No gang-rapes? Not even a murder or two? SMDH, this is shit-tier diversity.

The small town of only 6,500 people is not the only rural community trying to cope with the influx of asylum seekers. The town of Peine in Lower Saxony saw a large group of asylum seekers chanting “Allahu Akbar” whilst violently attacking town locals and damaging property earlier this year.

In March of this year in Bad Sobernheim, asylum seekers broke into a construction site and stole tools which they then used to attack locals. The attackers were all described as “persons of African or Arabic origin”.

German experts have championed the idea of sending migrants to small German towns in order to replace their declining populations and say that the small towns will provide a better opportunity for integration.

Wolfgang Borst, mayor of the Bavarian village of Hofheim, said he was happy receiving more asylum seekers saying: “We are very satisfied. We are gaining a lot more villagers.”

No… You’re gaining man-shaped animals who are gonna kill off your actual villagers, you fucking cuck.

Then again – if they do nothing about it… Then maybe they deserve it?