Germany: Students Complain of Being Forced to Join ‘Tolerance’ Demonstration

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2015

No tolerance or respect for anyone who thinks for themselves here in Lubeck.

Last week we heard how the Merkel regime has been organizing counter-demonstrations against the German people and funding groups in opposition to Pegida, now German news outlet Lübecker Nachrichten is reporting that around 1,000 students from 5 schools in Lübeck, North Germany have been forced to attend a demonstration calling for “freedom, tolerance and diversity.”

The comments page on the newspaper’s Facebook page has been flooded with complaints, with one student stating ‘That was a compulsory event for us students, I had to go there and my presence was verified,” and another saying “I think if it was not mandatory, you would have only found half the people there.”

Predictably the heads of the schools rejected the accusations, with one later admitting to Focus that it happened, but claiming that because the demonstration was held during the time when the children should have been in school, they had every right to dictate what it was the students should be protesting about.

The positive thing that can be taken from this, is that a sizable portion of the students did not want to be promoting tolerance and rejected the idea of being told what they should be demonstrating about.

The event shows in a microcosm how the government sponsors the demonstrations it wants in order to give a false impression of support among the people for its policies.

Here are some more instances of German children being used by the Radical Left from 2013, this time being forced into calling for more Lampedusa Negroes:

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