Germany: State Broadcaster Breaks Ties to Jordanian TV, Fires Arabs for Questioning the Jews

Everything is so clownish and nonsensical that it is really just absurd to try to point out hypocrisy.

But you still kind of have to do it.

Case in point: isn’t it funny that the group that is objectively the most wealthy and powerful on earth is somehow more protected by political correctness than the supposedly most oppressed population?

We were told by Angela Merkel that the Moslems are the most helpless people.

But if they question the richest, they are the enemy. They become the oppressor by daring to question power.


State-owned broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) has halted its partnership with a Jordanian TV channel over “anti-Semitic” social media posts, and is investigating allegedly bigoted commentary by some of its own employees.

The German outlet announced on Sunday that it was suspending cooperation with Jordan’s Roya TV after discovering that the partner had allegedly been spreading anti-Semitic comments and cartoons through its social media channels. DW said it regretted its previous assessment that had found no anti-Israel bias on the Amman-based privately owned channel.

We are truly sorry that we did not notice these disgusting images,” DW managing director Guido Baumhauer said in a statement. “We will now even more critically review our partner selection internally, especially with regard to anti-Semitism and racism.”

DW also pledged to crack down on anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment among its own ranks. In an investigation that centered on the German broadcaster’s Arabic news service, Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper last week reported that several DW employees, including Beirut bureau chief Bassel Aridi, had made comments downplaying the Holocaust and repeating stereotypes about Jews.

Some of the alleged comments reportedly included calling for the execution of any “traitor” who engaged with Israelis. One editor was reported to have bragged about breaking off a conversation with a woman after discovering she was Jewish, and had later called the Holocaust a “fabrication.” Another staffer apparently wrote of her willingness to join the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group if it fought a war to oust Israel from the Holy Land.

DW said the employees accused of anti-Semitism had been suspended pending an independent investigation of the matter.

Jordanians are not exactly Palestinians, but they are pretty closely related. More so than Syrians for sure. And Jordan has the largest amount of Palestinians of any country (including Palestine).

Israel is literally built on land stolen from Palestinians. Most of the Jews that did that have light colored skin, and they stole this land from brown people.

But when the brown people complain about the “white” people who stole their land, they are the evil oppressors.

Does that fact alone not prove that this entire “woke” political correctness agenda is just a massive hoax and a scam? Could anything on earth be more disingenuous than this?

The excuse is “yeah but the Holocaust though” – but even if you believe the Holocaust happened (in which case you are retarded), millions of white people in the Ukraine were starved to death by communist Jews. The Irish were starved to death by Cromwellite blockades. I’ve complained about Ukrainians and Irish whining about these events, because I think it makes people look weak, pathetic, and manipulative (basically, like Jews), but they did happen, and it is acknowledged by mainstream history that they happened. Then you have Irish slavery in the new world, white slavery by the Arabs, etc., etc., etc.

So it is only for the Jews that a white-skinned group can claim historical oppression as a way of superseding the “progressive stack” and maintaining an oppression narrative while also being wealthy and powerful, stealing people’s land, and committing endless human rights abuses and wars of terror and conquest.

The basic fact is that this entire hierarchy of oppression is a gigantic hoax created by Jews to harm white people. Ingeniously, along with being blamed for fake crimes which have been made up whole cloth, we end up being blamed for real crimes committed by the Jews themselves.

Of course, Jews just exclude themselves from the whole scam, without any kind of valid explanation. They have the ability to do that because they run the whole thing.

This is the kind of thing you get when you decide facts and reality should be disconnected from decision-making and policy. Emotions can be spun in any direction, so if you decide that emotions are the basis of your decision and policy processes, your decisions exist in a vacuum, and anything is possible.

Jews cannot possibly operate within a fact-based system, because when you strip away the trappings of culture and religion, they are nothing more than an international crime syndicate which operates in broad daylight.