Germany: Starving Child Refugee Committed No Less than 400 Crimes Since 2015

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

Hatem H.

This is one extremely energetic child who will certainly put the same amount of effort into paying for German pensions when the prison rehabilitates him.

Voice of Europe:

Hatem H was 19-year-old when he came to Germany, in late 2015. Since he first appeared German soil, he committed no less than 400 crimes.

He arrived in October 2015 and since then he lived in Plauen. Just a month after his arrival, he became member of the “tunnel gang” of Plauen. The gang is named after Plauen’s city centre, also called “tunnel” and consists mostly of migrants.

Since Wednesday, Hatem H is in front of the district court in Zwickau and has to answer for at least 13 acts. The Syrian is not in court for the first time. He has already been convicted three times in Germany, among other things, for assault. He’s risking a 15 year jail sentence.

His latest condemnation in October 2017 didn’t stop him, even though he spent 8 months in jail for having stabbed a passer-by in the stomach and hit another with a beer-bottle. Even In jail, Hatem H. was fighting his inmates and threatened the guards.