Germany: Somalian Yoof Breaks Into Care Home, Sodomizes Two Old Men, Kills One Wife

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2017


Sadly, this story has stuck in my mind, and I just have to add something here.

This Somalian would have had to have brought lube with him. You can’t anally violate someone without lube.

So he would have had to have gone to the store, bought lube, then went to the old people’s home with the intent of sodomizing fragile old German men.

If you like that mental image, you can send your thanks to Angela Merkel, the world’s greatest inviter.

Original article follows.

Word on the German street is that he was a good boy who was going to church and trying to get his life on track.

A Somalian immigrant who came to Germany to escape the brutal civil war in Syria has been arrested for a double sodomy on old men in care home plus the murder of one of their wives.

This type of behavior should be expected from someone who suffered so much in the brutal civil war in Syria. Between Assad’s barrel bombs and Putin’s rockets, it’s a wonder he made it out at all.

In order to stop things like this from happening in the future, Germans need to offer classes to Syrian refugees explaining that you’re not supposed to break into old people’s homes and sodomize old men or kill their wives. Really, it’s the fault of Germans that this happened, for not doing better education.

Daily Mail:

A Somalian asylum seeker has been charged with raping two disabled men in a care home and murdering one of their wives in Germany.

The 18-year-old is said to have broken into the sheltered accommodation in Neuenhaus in the county of Betheim late last year and sneaked into the room of a paralysed 59-year-old man to rape him.

Police say the migrant then made his way into an adjoining room and raped another man before being confronted by the victim’s 87-year-old wife, who he is accused of killing.

It is understood the woman was living in the same room as her husband at the Haus am Bürgerpark care home.

The horrific incident is said to have happened in the early hours of October 22 last year.

Remember: Germans do this too.

The fact that this man is an immigrant is irrelevant.

He could be any blonde haired blue-eyed Hans.

As he was sexually abusing the second victim, the Somalian is said to have been disturbed by the wife and killed her using ‘great force’ to avoid being caught for his previous crimes, according to German police.

The accused is currently being held in custody in a psychiatric hospital and his trial will be heard before the Landgericht Osnabrück, which is the large youth court.

A 32-year-old janitor was doing his rounds at about 3.30am when he noticed a figure in one of the hallways.

He suspected it was a burglar, and confronted the man, according to GN.

The 18-year-old stormed past him and jumped out of a window before fleeing the care home.

Police were already on their way to the care home after the janitor called the emergency services thinking there had been a break-in, but when he found blood splatters along the corridors, he alerted officers.

As police officers and nurses went room-to-room, they eventually found the two male victims and the woman lying in a pool of blood.

The suspect was apprehended at his home shortly afterwards and police found damp trainers in his wardrobe.


Bad education.

The only real way we can stop things like this from happening in Germany is to increase Islamic immigration.

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