Germany: Somali Attacks Man at Random, Then Calls Police When Victim Beats Him Up

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2020

The monkey probably mistook some eastern European living in Germany for a standard krautcuck.


A Somali migrant in Germany called the police after he attacked a man on New Year’s Eve and his victim defended himself with unexpected enthusiasm.

The initial aggression took place at the Geradstetten railway station in the municipality of Remshalden, 11 miles outside of Stuttgart, and saw the 25-year-old Somali randomly attack another man at around 2 pm in the afternoon, newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports.

According to investigators, the victim not only defended himself but viciously fought back against the Somali man, possibly using a glass bottle, which led to the migrant receiving several lacerations to the face, one tooth knocked out, and injuries to his tongue.

Yep, definitely not a kraut.

If it were a kraut, he would’ve just sat there looking like a moron and got the shit beaten out of him.

After all, he has to atone for that time when his kind turned Anne Frank into six million bars of soap for no reason.

Following the altercation, the migrant called the police and was taken to a local hospital to treat his injuries. While police say they have opened a case against the Somali for the initial attack, they also claimed to have started investigations into the victim for his actions, as well, to determine if the man overstepped acceptable self-defence laws.

Investigators say they are currently looking for witnesses and added that video recordings of the incident were also obtained and are being reviewed by officers.

Getting investigated for defending yourself is part and parcel of living in a diverse society run by kikes and childless fat women.

I never understood why people call cops “pigs,” it’s just a gratuitous insult to bacon.

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, sales for self-defence items have dramatically increased across several European countries.

In Germany 599,940 basic weapons licenses, which allow holders to carry gas pistols, flare guns, and pepper spray, were issued in the first 10 months of 2018 compared to just 261,332 in 2014.

Other countries, such as Italy, have made attempts to liberalise self-defence laws and make it easier for citizens to obtain firearms.

Sweden, which took in a large share of migrants in 2015, has also seen sales of pepper spray increase last year with retail chain Kjell & Company claiming to have seen a 90 per cent rise in sales over the summer of 2019.

And many of the people who dared use them got prosecuted for doing it too.

Because Europe is not a free continent, or even a sane one.