Germany: SHOCKING HATRED as NEON-NAZI Judges Uphold HATEFUL Height Limit for Cops

Daily Stormer
June 30, 2018

Went down in literally less than two seconds, this strong independent womyn that your family’s lives might one day depend on

What us stupid goyim don’t get – because of how stupid we are – is that diversity is our greatest strength.

It’s unclear how it works exactly, but we don’t need to know the details, because professor Shlomo assured us it does.

And one of the most important parts of diversity is breaking down every single standard imaginable.

Because standards are literal, pure 100% concentrated hatred.


The North Rhine-Westphalia appeals court said Thursday the state was within its rights to enforce a minimum height requirement of 163 centimeters (about 5 feet, 4 inches.)

163 centimeters – and keep in mind, this applies to the male officers as well.

This is very, very short, especially considering the average height in Germany is around 180.

Cops are supposed to be bigger than the average citizen, because otherwise they end up not doing their jobs right and getting hurt and getting other people hurt.

How are these borderline midgets supposed to arrest someone?

Should they climb on them and whack’em in the head?

Aren’t average women bad enough at doing this already, now you want the tiniest ones to have a go too?

The court says the height requirement means recruits can perform all the tasks required of officers, “which allows a flexible and effective use of forces.”

Three recruits, who were 161.5, 162 and 162.2 centimeters tall, argued the regulation was discriminatory.

Yes, it is, that’s the point.

Discrimination is usually a good thing, in this case because it helps keep people out of jobs they can’t do.

We need MORE discrimination, not less, starting with sending these dumb bitches back into the kitchen, where they belong.

The court last year ruled against a taller minimum height of 168 centimeters for male officers. The state lowered the requirement to 163 centimeters for recruits of both sexes.

Of course they did…

Why wouldn’t they?

But that’s still not enough.

It’ll never be enough for the kikes and the dumb bitches who follow their moronic ideologies…

“Won’t be nothing you can measure anymore”