Germany: Shock as Migrant Evaded Deportation and Lived on Welfare Before Murdering 87-Year-Old

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2019

Most of the illiterate welfare seekers from Pakistan that have flooded Germany in the last 10 years are good and decent people who are simply looking for better welfare for their families.

But there are a few bad eggs.

I wonder if this is even being reported in the German news?

I hope not, as it could lead to Germans thinking that all of these Islamic welfare parasites are actually murderers.


A suspect in a high-profile murder of an elderly woman in the German eastern state of Thuringia may have created a false identity in order to live in Germany, police revealed as the man was brought to court.

A man that now stands accused of a brutal murder of his 87-year-old neighbor could have been deported from Germany long ago – had he not forged his entire story upon entry, the police disturbingly revealed.

Asked about any “inconsistencies” in the suspect’s profile during the hearing, the Criminal Superintendent of the city of Jena, Jens Thiel, said that the data extracted from the man’s smartphone suggests the background he provided to the German migration authorities might be completely false.

The suspect arrived to Germany back in 2011 and claimed to be an accompanied minor from Afghanistan. He also said his name was Auwel Nom Lakab. Now, the man is being identified as Mohammed A., and police say he may have lied about his date of birth too.

Crucially, Mohammed might have come from Pakistan, as his smartphone contains around 50 Pakistani numbers but none from Afghanistan – and this includes the contact designated as “mother.” This is also supported by additional evidence from interpreters who studied his messages.

The twist adds a whole new dimension to the already high-profile case, as Mohammed’s initial asylum request was rejected by the German authorities back in 2011 but he was still allowed to stay – precisely because it was believed that the undocumented migrant came from Afghanistan.

The victim, identified as Ursula P., was found wrapped in a bed sheet in a suitcase stored in a cellar in January 2019. According to police, the woman was brutally beaten and received a stab wound, only to be eventually strangled with a scarf.

Her neighbor, the allegedly 24-year-old migrant, was soon arrested on suspicion of murder as his DNA was found all over the victim’s body, as well as one of his fingernails. While the suspect has kept silent ever since his arrest, police believe he acted out of greed.

The investigators found photos of the woman’s identity card and a debit card on the suspect’s phone together with her account statement suggesting she had €10,000 ($ 11,149) in her bank account. The suspect unsuccessfully attempted to move €7,000 ($ 7,804) from the victim’s account to his own shortly after the murder.

The victim and the suspect knew each other. According to local media reports, the woman was so impressed by the migrant’s sad tales about his father having been allegedly beheaded and his mother being blind that she repeatedly supported him with significant sums of money. In total, she gave the suspect €10,000, according to the Focus Magazine report.

Evidence suggests it was not just a spontaneous act of aggression. The browser search history on his smartphone indicates that he looked up “robber killers,”“death penalty in Germany” and “duration of detention,” and studied the history of a German serial killer known as “the Midday Murderer,” who killed seven people in the 1960s. Otherwise, he spent most of his time on the internet betting on sports, surfing porn sites and looking for prostitutes near his residential area.


The old bitch was giving him money for hookers!


I’m serious.

My sympathy wells are all dried up.

Heck that grandma, heck her family, she is the disease.

I don’t care that she’s dead and Germany is better without her.