Germany: “Shadow Army” of Right-Wing Extremists Growing Within Armed Forces

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2020

Now they just need power armor.

Germany is one of the most nightmarish liberal dystopias in the world, a place where making a wrong comment on social media will result in a tactical squad busting down your door at night – even if you’re a little old lady.

Needless to say, normal White men with healthy instincts have very few outlets to express themselves, and even fewer opportunities to act like real men.

The military, and more precisely, the special forces, are one of those few opportunities.

So it’s no surprise that it’s crawling with “right-wing extremists” (aka normal White guys).


Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) has said it was investigating 550 Bundeswehr soldiers suspected of right-wing extremism, German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday.

Numerous cases of extremism in the German military and among other security forces have been brought to light in recent years, as the government struggles to contain right-wing extremist threats and violence.

An additional 360 cases of suspected right-wing extremism were registered in 2019, Christof Gramm, the head of MAD, told Welt am Sonntag.

He added that suspicions of extremism were confirmed in 14 cases last year, eight of which involved right-wing extremism.

“Suspicion of extremism.”

How insane does that sound?

Is this extreme enough?

Soldiers are getting investigated to make sure their thoughts don’t fall beyond an acceptable range of politically sanctioned opinions.

MAD said an additional 40 individuals failed to uphold the values of the German constitution.

Our goal is to not only remove extremists from the German military but also people who lack loyalty to the constitution,” Gramm said.

Yes, loyalty to Germany isn’t important – what matters is loyalty to the constitution – a document imposed on the Germans by Jews after World War 2.

Loyalty to a piece of paper obviously doesn’t exist. It’s a meaningless concept. You can only truly be loyal to a person, or to a group of people.

This concept of being “loyal to the constitution” is simply a code word which means that these soldiers will not oppose the destruction of their own people when push comes to shove – it means their total submission to the Jewish agenda.

He attributed the rise in numbers to increased scrutiny by MAD.

Cases of suspected extremism were particularly concentrated among an elite unit known as Special Forces Command, or KSK.

According to Gramm, 20 of the suspected right-wing extremism cases currently being processed were within the KSK, which, in relation to the number of personnel, were five times as many as in the rest of the Bundeswehr.

The number of cases in the KSK also doubled in comparison with the start of 2019, he added.

MAD was sharply criticized following the case of Franco A., a German army soldier who will stand trial for terror-related offenses. In 2017, he was arrested and accused of leading a double life posing as a Syrian refugee in order to carry out an attack that he hoped would be mistaken for Islamist terrorism.

Franco A.’s activities raised fears of a “shadow army” among German soldiers. In the aftermath, MAD was subject to an investigation by a parliamentary watchdog committee that oversees German intelligence services.

“That was the alarm to comprehensively develop MAD,” Gramm said.

MAD’s president disputed the existence of a shadow army, German news agency DPA reported, while saying that his organization seriously researched the possibility.

“That’s how we identified extremists and people with insufficient constitutional loyalty,” he said, adding that they did not find any group that “wants to overturn the state.”

If there’s something Germany desperately needs, it’s a shadow army.

Frankly, a single shadow army might not be enough. 10-15 shadow armies sounds about right.

When your entire government is staffed with traitors working day and night to exterminate your own people, hardcore extremism and shadow armies sounds pretty good.

It’s no wonder that the German authorities are concerned that their elite special forces are packed to the brim with young White men who are presumably gamers as well as Stormer readers.

I’d be concerned as well – if I were a Jew.