Germany: Seven Syrians Arrested for Drugging, Gang Raping German Teen

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

I fully blame Assad for this crime.

This wouldn’t have happened if he had just gassed more of his own people for teh lolz.


Seven Syrians and one German passport-holder have been arrested following the gang rape of an 18-year old girl in Freiburg.

The teenager is thought to have been drugged with a drink spiked with so-called ‘knockout drops’ in a night club, before being led outside to a wooded area and raped by up to fifteen males for four hours, Bild reports.

The German tabloid has named the ringleader as ‘Majd H’ and published a picture of him holding what they describe as a “machine gun” somewhere in the Middle East.

The outlet claims he was wanted at the time of the gang rape and that it could have been prevented if he had been in custody, quoting the migrant’s father as saying he already had a previous conviction for violent crime and was frequently in trouble with the authorities.