Germany: Seven Islamic Youths Beat German Fireman to Death Near Augsburg Christmas Market

Daily Stormer
December 11, 2019

Roland S.

There’s something undeniably symbolic about a gang of invaders killing someone who prevents things from burning down.


A gang of seven “youths” has been arrested in the German city of Augsburg after an off-duty fireman was attacked and beaten to death outside of the city’s Christmas Market.

The fatal attack took place on Friday night as 49-year-old firefighter Roland S. was near the Christmas Market with his wife and another couple and got into an argument with the chief suspect, 17-year-old Halid S., who comes from a Turkish-Lebanese-German background, and his six friends, Bild reports.

The argument soon turned into full-on violence and saw the group of youths beat the man so viciously that he died on the way to hospital after the mob had fled.

At 6 pm on Monday all fire and rescue stations across Germany set up candles to mourn the death of the 49-year-old who went by the nickname “Roli”, according to the German Fire Brigade Union.

The solution to this, of course, is more money for those programs.

Just as Islamic men didn’t know that they’re not supposed to mob-grope women, they didn’t know that they’re not supposed to beat firemen to death. Knowing that you’re not supposed to do these things requires an education. And these innocent children never got an education, because their country is still reeling from the Crusades.