Germany: Scientist Skeptical of Coronavirus Hoax is Raided and Arrested During Livestream

In Germany, a scientist who is skeptical of the government and media narrative about the coronavirus and the accompanying lockdown was apparently raided during a livestream on Thursday.

The stream, which took place on YouTube, showed Dr. Andreas Noack speaking about the virus, and receiving a knock at the door. He told the stream that it was the police, and then they beat in the door, screaming – armed cops burst in, and with a rifle pointed at his head, put him on the ground and cuffed him.

This cop was really, really screaming. Like an absolute lunatic.

I’m not familiar with Dr. Noack, and he was streaming in German (kind of a silly thing to do in current year, frankly), so I’m not sure if he was just giving the facts, as we do on this site, or if he was going out into 5G conspiracy territory. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Why should anyone not be allowed to speak their conscience?

A German wiki site that I am not familiar with has an article about Noack, identifying him as a celebrity chemist, calling him a conspiracy theorist and implying he’s involved in a vitamins and supplements scam. It’s difficult to do searches in a language I don’t speak, but I’m sure there’s another side to that story. A YouTube search reveals that Noack has given speeches to significant audiences and has appeared on German television.

He only has 15,000 followers, and when he’s not getting arrested on stream, his videos only garner a few thousand views (I’m not sure what these numbers mean for a German-speaking audience, obviously they are not especially large for something in English).

I’ve not been able to find a single piece of news about this arrest, other than people reporting on the video itself. At the time of writing it is fresh news, but the German media may simply decide not to report on it, and the cops may decide not to comment on it, leaving room open for people to imagine that it may have been a hoax.

However: if it is a hoax, you can be certain that the media will tell you it’s a hoax. The fact that there isn’t already media about this, given that the clip has gone viral on the English language internet, is another one of those “the mystery of the dog that didn’t bark” situations.

The video certainly looks legitimate. The officer’s uniform would be quite a thing to fake.

Faking something like this would also presumably be illegal in Germany.

I think this is where Europe is at: if you question this lockdown, they will kick in your door, throw you to the ground and handcuff you.

Frankly, if Joe Biden manages to seize power in America, you’re going to be looking at the same thing here. A member of Biden’s fake transition team has called for “hate speech” laws that are even more extreme than those that Europe and Canada have.

Richard Stengel, who is by pure coincidence Jewish, has claimed that the First Amendment has “a design flaw,” and that all forms of “disinformation” need to be banned. Basically, what he is talking about is taking the current social media censorship – which is employed against virtually any criticism of the system at all, including of course any criticism of the lockdown – and making that the law.

“All speech is not equal,” Stengel wrote in a 2019 op-ed for the Washington Post. “And where truth cannot drive out lies, we must add new guardrails. I’m all for protecting thought that we hate, but not speech that incites hate.”

To illustrate the concept, Stengel gave the example of “sophisticated Arab diplomats” he’d worked with who had asked him why the First Amendment protects the rights of US citizens to burn the Koran.

“It’s a fair question,” Stengel wrote. “Yes, the First Amendment protects the thought that we hate, but it should not protect hateful speech that can cause violence by one group against another. In an age when everyone has a megaphone, that seems like a design flaw.”

While framing it in terms of “hate speech,” which is the framework under which European nations have banned criticism of Jewish power and mass immigration, Stengel also mentions “Russian disinformation,” and effectively implies that he wants to ban any speech that doesn’t meet fact-checker standards.

I have no idea under what law this German scientist was raided and arrested at gunpoint while he was in his room speaking to a YouTube audience, but typically in Europe, it is only so-called “hate speech” that is illegal. However, the coronavirus hoax is expanding the kinds of speech you can be arrested for.

In Australia, which also enforces European style rules against questioning the Jewish ruling elite or their program of replacing the white Christian population of our nations with third worlders, people have also been arrested for questioning the lockdown. In a viral video, a pregnant woman recorded the cops coming to her house and arresting her in front of her small children because she’d claimed on Facebook that the virus was a hoax.

These are the kinds of rules that Biden wants to enforce if he is allowed to become president, and this is again why we all need to do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

They Want You to be Afraid

The core of censorship is not primarily to silence the specific individuals they target. It is to silence the entire society by making them afraid to speak their minds. This is called a “chilling effect.”

This involves all forms of censorship: arrests, social media censorship, firings and blacklistings, public humiliations, targeted lawsuits, and mob attacks such as those by Antifa.

We’ve seen the chilling effect in action majorly in the years since I, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, became the first majorly banned person.

When was the last time you heard anything that Sargon of Akkad said, for instance? I can’t remember hearing anything about him since probably 2018. What about PewDiePie? Haven’t heard much about him lately, have you? You haven’t heard anything from them because both of these men completely stopped talking about anything interesting at all. Neither was banned. They just gave up on being interesting, because they didn’t want to be banned. They don’t want to lose everything they’ve built, as so many have, so they’ve decided to just submit. There are many such cases.

We’ve also seen a nigh complete shutdown on any kind of right-wing real world political events in the United States, because people don’t want to be attacked by Antifa. The US State Department has made it clear that if you are attacked by Antifa, you are required to just sit there and take the beating. If you attempt to defend yourself as the Proud Boys did in New York, the feds will charge you with rioting, and you will be dragged out in front of the world and publicly humiliated.

You’ve even seen fewer memes, after CNN hunted down and blackmailed a guy who made a meme making fun of them.

It goes on and on. The Jewish program of silencing critics of this satanic system has been extremely effective. Most people are not as hard-headed as I am. Most people will give up.

In the video of the German man’s arrest, it is clear that the cops understand that he is streaming. One of the officers, masked like a bandit, goes over and gets right in front of the camera before shutting it off.

Clearly, the cops decided to arrest him while he was streaming on purpose, because they wanted this traumatizing footage of the scared man having a rifle pointed at his head to go viral. They want to send a message to everyone: shut your mouth and do as you’re told, or this is going to be very painful for you.”

They make it public, while also refusing to publicly acknowledge it, making it a double whammy of fear inducement. You know that you might be raided for what you said, humiliated and threatened with weapons by masked men, but you don’t know specifically what can make this happen. So everyone errs on the side of caution, saying nothing about anything, doing their very best to simply do whatever the tyrants tell them to do, to think what they are told to think.

We have created a hell.

Everything that I have spent the better part of a decade warning people about is now here.

We now stand on the precipice, staring into a bottomless pit of human suffering.

It remains to this day possible for Donald Trump to win, and it will be possible all the way up until January 20, 2021. We need to fight with everything we’ve got. Because they are coming for all of us.