Germany Saw Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests Over the Weekend

Germany is not a country that is known for being illogical.

In fact, the opposite: they get mocked and characterized as being totally uptight and obsessed with rules and regulations.

So if Germany is the country that is going out there and saying, “these rules are totally out of control and this whole thing is a scam,” what does that tell you?


Thousands of demonstrators in southern Germany protested against coronavirus restrictions over the weekend, police said on Sunday, although organisers failed to mobilise enough people for a planned human chain around Lake Constance.

Thousands of counter-demonstrators in Constance also turned out to show support for the government’s measures to contain the coronavirus while also protesting against right-wing supporters in the other group, police said.

Overall, police counted between 10,500 and 11,000 people taking part in the different demonstrations on Saturday and the two-day protests continued on Sunday with sunny weather likely to draw in further participants, a police spokesman said.

I’m sure the numbers were ten or twenty times that, but okay.

It sure looked like a lot of people.

“So far, the situation is calm,” the police spokesman added.

Organizers of the protests against coronavirus curbs had initially hoped to mobilize more than 200,000 people.

Local authorities had imposed restrictions such as respecting social distancing to avoid further infections. They also banned the use of Germany’s imperial Reichsflagge, a symbol used by neo-Nazis and other far-right groups as an alternative to the forbidden swastika flag.

The marches have attracted a mixed crowd of civil rights activists and people who oppose vaccinations, as well as neo-Nazis and members of far-right groups including the opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Yeah, you’re a neo-Nazi if you’re against these measures.

That is the message of the LIAR Angela Merkel, who has already destroyed Germany with her invasion agenda and is now trying to bury the country’s corpse with this coronavirus hoax madness.

Germans aren’t stupid.

They’re engaged.

They know that Sweden exists, they know that these lockdown procedures are not a public health measure. And they know that if they’re not a public health measure, then there is some secret agenda behind them. That is just the fact.

We know that Sweden didn’t do a lockdown, we know that Sweden now has the lowest number of deaths and infections and literally no problems at all.

So if all of these other governments are telling us that this won’t work, they are just openly, brazenly lying about something we can see ourselves.

That means, as a matter of absolute fact, that they must have some other agenda.

What is that other agenda?

Well, who the hell knows?

It’s something! I can tell you that!

Most likely, it is a part of this whole “Great Reset” plot, and they’re planning on using this to create a totally new society, where it is communism for the masses, but the ruling elite remains in total control.

This also fits in with the Anal Pope’s recent call for total communism and multiculturalism.

You might want to contrast it with the pro-lockdown protests in Germany, where they are literally dressing up in satanic costumes and calling for a total communist transformation.

But whatever you think the plan is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that there has to be some plan, or they wouldn’t be doing this and lying that it has something to do with public health.