Germany Recognizes Algerian Kikes as Holohoax Survivors; Will Start Paying Shekels

Daily Stormer
February 11, 2018

Kikes just keep pushing and pushing and pushing…

At some point, it stopped being about shekels and started being about humiliating the hated goyim, which I’m sure gives kikes more satisfaction than any amount of money ever could.

Making Europeans admit to insanely idiotic things like gas chambers, Jew soap, Jew lampshades, jerk-off machines of death and other idiocy, knowing full well that they’ve mutilated their societies to the point where they can’t deny this insanity without being ostracized, fired and in some cases even sent to prison, is probably the only way many kikes can even get a boner.

And now – now you can be a hollowcost survivor without even living the places these kikes say the hollowcost happened.

The Forward:

Close to 80 years after being persecuted by the Nazi-allied Vichy French government, some 25,000 elderly Algerian Jews are for the first time being recognized as Holocaust survivors by the German government.

Algerian Jews had their French citizenship stripped by the Vichy government, which then ruled the area, in 1940. Nuremberg-like laws banned Jews from working as doctors, lawyers, teachers and in government. Children were kicked out of French schools.

How exactly do you “survive” something that can’t actually kill you?

Or are Kikes claiming not being able to be lawyers can cause death?

On Tuesday, 78 years after they endured suffering that left families penniless and starving, and pariahs in their own country, the Conference on Material Claims Against Germany will begin taking their applications for recognition as survivors, making each eligible for a one-time “hardship grant” and additional services like food vouchers and in-home care.

Still waiting for kikes to compensate the hundreds of millions of people whose lives were destroyed with communism – a real holocaust that the (((media))) almost never talks about for some reason.

Each survivor approved will receive a hardship grant of 2,556 euros, the equivalent of roughly $3,100. The euro figure is the equivalent of 5,000 deutschmarks, a sum the Claims Conference negotiated with the German government in 1980. The money will be distributed beginning in July.

You’d think that being the wealthiest people on earth by a very wide margin, Jews would find it embarrassing to  hustle these small, insignificant sums from the goyim, and would instead take care of their own “survivors” from their own very, very deep pockets.

You’d think wrong if you thought that.

Jews are biologically incapable of letting even a single shekel unjewed.

“There weren’t extermination camps in Algeria but a person’s childhood was turned upside down because of this persecution targeting Jews. It becomes a huge part of a person’s identity. The experience during the war for so many people defines them, is the seminal experience of their lives. All these decades it’s never been acknowledged,” said Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Conference on Material Claims Against Germany.

There actually weren’t any extermination camps anywhere, and I strongly believe the Krauts should pay the rest of us compensation for that.