Germany Receives New Refugees: Twitter Shitlibs Fleeing Groyper Persecution

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2017

You think you’re safe in Germany? Think again. We will track down your jimmies wherever they need rustling.

Liberals have recently come up with a new, innovative jimmie protection technology in order to preserve the integrity of their feels.

Triggered to all hell by Twitter’s inability to stem the flood of Alt-Right groyper accounts, they’ve been forced to trudge through the Twitter-sphere neck deep in Nazi frogs, barely able to gasp for air.

How can they attain the sweet, sweet utopia of totalitarian thought control they so badly crave?

By moving their e-persona to Germany.

The New Statesman:

It is no secret that Twitter has a Nazi problem. After nearly every update the site has rolled out in recent months, the response has been the same. “Thanks for the extra characters, but do you want to get started on that whole banning Nazis thing?”

My boy, they’ve “gotten started” a very long time ago. But it turns out it’s not the “starting” that’s the problem, but the “finishing.”

No matter how many holes you poke at the bottom of a bucket, it’ll never get dry while it’s standing underneath a waterfall.

And yes, the waterfall here is groyper Nazism.

There ain’t no stopping this flow.

The social network has promised various policy changes – and in August deleted accounts associated with the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer – but overall, fascists are still safe on the site. The American Nazi Party account has over 13,000 followers, while the deputy leader of the ultranationalist, extreme far-right group Britain First was recently retweeted by the 45th president of the United States. (Donald Trump, incidentally, is the first search result for the word “Nazi” on Twitter, presumably because of how many people tweet the term in conjunction with his name).

Short of a new policy by Twitter, then, people have been taking Nazi-hunting into their own hands. By blocking, muting, and training your eyes to glaze over like a Krispy Kreme as soon as soon [sic] as you see a frog avi, you can do a reasonable job of avoiding neo-Nazis on the site. But there is any easier way – recently publicised by journalist and author Virginia Heffernan.

“PSA. For anyone beset by Nazi and brownshirt bots: I changed my Twitter address to Germany at the suggestion of a shrewd friend, and they vanished. Germany has stricter hate-speech laws,” she tweeted last night. The writer’s location is now set to “Bad Wildbad, Deutschland” on the network. But why does this work – and what does it tell us about Twitter’s attitude to hate speech?

Legally, Twitter is obliged to hide Nazi content and symbols in Germany, thanks to section 86a of the German criminal code. Since 2012, an account is “withheld” in Germany if it features Nazi ideology, and certain tweets are greyed-out if they have been flagged for anti-Semitism.

The liberal ideal is a state where the police kick people’s doors in at 4am for posting memes on Facebook. So to them, the oppressive German state is like a dream come true.

Good thing they have freedom and democracy, huh?

Jews, liberals and bugmen need to take this idea one step further and all physically move to Germany. Once we don’t have to deal with their nonsense, it shouldn’t take more than 6 months to clean up their mess and then build an army and go retake that nation from the Moslems, anyway. And we can put all these “former Americans” in camps to educate them about the errors of their ways.

It’s a perfect plan.