Germany: Public Sign Displays “Rapefugees not Welcome” Meme, Trump, Swastika

Daily Stormer
December 29, 2016

In Germany, even thinking bad thoughts about refugees can land you in a gulag.

A fearless hero has committed a daring deed in the German techno-dystopia, by changing a sign at the entrance to the 33rd Chaos Communications Congress, an SJW-riddled event for European hackers, to express the message that “refugees” are rapists, and as such, aren’t welcome.

While no news outlet has covered the event yet, we can only assume that the full power of the German state is currently being deployed to find this patriot and punish him. I can’t help but picture men in dark suits being led by agitated police dogs to find the culprit, while the secret police is back-tracing his IP address by torturing some ISP employees.

“Who’s responsible for this?” “I don’t know, he was behind seven proxies!”

The sign also periodically displayed Trump’s face, and apparently a swastika.

In any case, the cucks have already replaced his inspiring message with establishment propaganda, insuring that no wrong-think is spread to the normies.

“No one is illegal.”

It’s good that some Germans are fighting back against the invasion agenda, even though they live in an insane totalitarian regime.

Hang in there, brothers.