Germany Produces Nazi Beer, Jews Do Not Find Humor in This

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

If Jews had a sense of humor, people would for sure hate them a lot less.

But telling a Jew to “lighten up” is out of the question.

So no one can ever make any jokes. Because Jews have final say on everything that is allowed to happen in white countries, and they simply do not approve of jokes.

The cops will investigate your novelty beer.

Daily Mail:

German police are investigating the sales of a controversial beer that has a Nazi-style label and is reportedly linked with a far-right activist.

The scandal over the beer, produced by the ‘German Reich Brewery’ (‘Deutsches Reichsbrau’ in German) broke this week as the world remembers victims of the Holocaust.

The beer was on sale in one town in Saxony-Anhalt state where far-right extremist groups are especially active.

Photos of the beer were posted on social media by Ulrich Goetz, a district chief in eastern Germany, who added the message: ‘I feel so ashamed.’

Germans really are pathetic with this “I’m so so so so sorry” bit. It just never ends.

I went out with a German girl (who didn’t know who I was) a couple of weeks ago and she started talking about the Holocaust. I didn’t even bring it up. After she brought it up I said it was obviously a hoax and said something about masturbation machines. She protested that it was definitely real, and I said “okay, well, whatever – the people who supposedly did it are all dead now anyway, so it’s best we forget about it.”

And she said “NO – WE DID IT.”

She literally took personal responsibility for the six million lampshades.

And of course, that is the only thing that Ulrich Goetz could mean by saying that he is “so ashamed” of Nazi beer. You can only feel shame about things you hold yourself responsible for.

Just compare this to Americans and slavery. Some Americans feel bad about slavery, in the same way you feel bad about someone whose dog died, but it is very rare that you will find a person who takes personal responsibility for it. No one will say “we enslaved them,” it is always just “they were enslaved.”

As well as the fact that the labels were brown, possibly linked to the fact that the Nazis had brown uniforms, it also relied heavily on symbols such as the Eagle which was popular with the Nazis, and there is an iron Cross as well.

The price of a crate of beer at 18.88 EUR also meant they apparently used neo-Nazi numbers, where 18 is meant to simplify Adolf Hitler (‘A’ and ‘H’ being the first and eighth letter of the alphabet respectively), and 88 is meant to signify ‘Heil Hitler’.

Yeah, that’s a nice touch.

But this is the funny part:

Goetz added that he was especially disappointed that the beer had been selling quickly, so quickly that in some places it had sold out, such as in his home town of Bad Bibra, in the German province of Saxony-Anhalt which has a strong far-right presence.

He said he believed that the neo-Nazis had deliberately done it to be provocative on the anniversary week 75 years after the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

So of course, not all Germans are pathetic.

Just like not all millennials are whining, fat little faggots with zero muscle mass.

These are just general rules.


In a sane world, Jewish humorlessness would be their downfall.

I personally walked into the Jewish Question because the Jews were so whiny. You can always rely on Jews to flip out and start whining. And this is beneficial to my personal life mission, which is to cause people to become upset on the internet.

They are even more reliable than women. At least one in a million times, a woman will manage to walk away from the screen instead of gobbling up bait like a hypersonic bait-gobbling machine.

Normal masculine males respond to whining with bullying. So, if we had normal masculine males in our society, the Jews would be hoisted on their own petard. They would enter into a cycle of whining about being bullied and then being bullied for whining that would lead to a REAL HOLOCAUST.

But no.

We have a completely faggotized society where whining and playing the victim increases your social status. And bullies – those with high status by the order of nature – are given low status.

This is the nature of the “crybully” phenomenon: whining about hurt feelings is a form of harassment, which allows you to leverage your claimed victim status as a weapon of social dominance.

The Jews are the ultimate whiners, as we recently saw with their global Holocaust festival. And being the ultimate whiners, they have been able to use their victim status as a justification for stealing all the land from the Palestinians.

Literally, if you ask the Jews why they get to steal the land, they will tell you it’s because of the Holocaust.

This dynamic became impossible for even the most virulent Jew-lover to deny when the Jews used their 75th Holocaust Anniversary Festival as a platform to launch their brutal “Peace Plan.”

The best thing that anyone can do to the Jews is mock them. And that is why the Daily Stormer is the most censored publication in history. It’s not because of our facts, which are legion, but because of our lulz, which are a legion of six million.

If a Jew is crying like a little baby faggot about how his entire family was masturbated to death by Adolf Hitler, and you start trying to talk about how the Jews are blocking the excavation of alleged mass graves in Poland, you just look like an asshole. You have assisted him in his emotional blackmail scheme.

However, if you start laughing at the Jew, you have disarmed his emotional blackmail scheme.

The ultimate shutdown of the site after Charlottesville was because of the article that I wrote making fun of that fat bitch Heather Heyer. This hilarious article got millions of views, and no one could help laughing at it. This was in the midst of the Jews attempting to create an ultra-serious and somber mood as they talked about the reemergence of Nazism. Laughing at a fat woman dying crippled their ability to manipulate people’s emotions.

Everyone needs to remember this: the facts only matter as far as you can get people to listen to them.